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Question for the reloaders.


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I've done some reloading before on other people's equipment, so I'm not exactly a rookie. I'm thinking of buying my own with the prices of ammo what they are. I'm just looking for some input on what the experienced guys like and dislike. I'll be reloading for clays and trap. I'd prefer a single stage loader. I'm more about accuracy than speed. Right now I'm leaning toward M.E.C. loaders. Don't care about auto primer feed and the such. I just want a simple press that is a quality product.

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Before you buy everything, make sure its worth you time and money. http://www.trapshooters.com/rlcalcadv.htm


I just entered all the stuff I would need to reload and I even didn't include tax and Reloading for me would come out to 20 cent higher a box for 2 3/4 1 1/8 1200 FPS.


Where you can come out ahead would be if you bought big lots of primers,powder,shot,wads or if you shot 1 or 7/8 ounce shot.


Good luck!! I reload for 3 pistols and love it. There is just a way bigger advantage for pistol than shotgun.

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I know exactly what you mean. I did the math. For the AA clays load I normally shoot, it would be $1.00 cheaper per box than store bought. This of course did not factor in the price of the press over a given amount of loads, which brings them even closer to store boughts. I figured the cost per box at roughly 500 rounds of loose supplies divided to give the cost per 25. Mabye a little better price break if you buy supplies at 1000 or 2000 rounds at a time. If ammo mfgs. would give a price break in case quantity it would be a no brainer. It is easier at times, in my neck of the woods, to find discounts on loose supplies than loaded ammo.

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