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Turkey choke?


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Hello all, I'm looking for an extra full or super full choke crio choke for a SBE2. Where could I find the Benelli made special purpose chokes online? All I have seen are Carlsons, Briley and other after market makers, if I can stay with factory made chokes then I would like to.


If theres a better choke, either better quality or better patterns over all then info would be great. I know every gun patterns differently but if it has a good track record then I'll give it a try.

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A lot of people are using the Primos Jellyhead in this gun. It is fairly cheap and does a great job with the hevi-shot. For around $80-90 are the Indian Creek (which I use), Pure Gold, and Rhino. These all work, to varying degrees with the Hevi-shot. If you are going to shoot lead, I would look into a Comp-N-Choke. This is a lead only choke, but is really effective. There are a bunch of chokes out there, and sadly, you have to test to get the pattern that you are happy with. Ammo, bbl. diameter, choke exit diameter, and point of impact, all play a role in the process. Whatever you do, make sure you pattern the one that you buy. (1) So you know how tight it shoots. (2) You can see the point of impact vs. the point of aim. They could very well be different. (3) The first choke you buy, will probably not be your last. Most turkey hunters are always looking for a better mousetrap..Good luck with the process..Mike

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