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M1 Super 90 - Black Choke Tubes


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I have an M1S90 with the black choke tubes (Type II). This are black finshed and have the screw threading that runs all the way to the muzzle end of the choke tube. There is a Type I choke tube that is silver finished with the screw threading that does not run all the way to the end of the choke tube. My Montefeltro S90 has the Type I choke tubes.


I call Benelli to see how to acquire some additional Type II choke tubes and the customer representative wasn't even familair that there are two types. She asks her supervisor and he says that they are interchangable. My manual clearly states that these tubes are NOT interchangable. I haven't called the parts suppliers that they recommended, but if Benelli is not aware of the difference will these companies know or have both types?


Can someone give me a contact at Benelli or Beretta that can address my requests or has knowledge on the subject. After several calls this is becoming a frustrating experience.




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