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2nd shell not loading?


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My SBE2 stopped working this w/end. It will not load a shell after I fire, this seems to be a common problem. First time for me, since I got it 2005. So, besides cleaning it, which I just did, how do I fix it?

I am shooting 3" shells - Never had any problem shooting lighter loads.

fyi - I cleaned it but I did not take out the trigger assemble.



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It was in the middle of my hunt yesterday. It was very windy, rainy and nasty. Worked great for the first 2 hours, shot 3 times in a row many times, 7 ducks and 6 geese. just cleaned it and it will still not load, i can give the breach handle a little push and it will load

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You should probably do a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning after hunting poor conditions.

That includes the magazine tube, trigger group, bolt group, and the recoil assembly (from inside the stock).


Use a mositure displacing spray like WD-40 or carb and choke cleaner, blow dry with compressed air, lube liberally with CLP, and wipe down to a film.


On the recoil spring assembly, press the plunger in and flush the assembly with WD-40 or other cleaner. Then blow it out, lube it, and wipe dry.


Make sure that the bolt group is fully disassembled and that the internals of the assembly are cleaned and lubed properly.


Most is covered in my cleaning guide, but you'll have to go a bit further than what's covered in the guide, due to the exposure to moisture and dirt.

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