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M1 Super 90, not cycling


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Took my Benelli M1 Super 90 out for some pigeon shooting recently only to be disappointed after the first shot because it did not cycle. Chambered another shell tried to take a couple of shots and the same thing happened. The first shot had fired and ejected but the second shell was sat on the carrier. The second shot fired did not eject properly and again the next shell was again sat on the carrier.


The last time i shot my M1 was approximately six months before and i had been shooting 28 gram loads with no problems.


When i got back i stripped and cleaned the M1 and oiled the trigger assembly and all moving parts. I then reassembled it and took it out to try again only for it to fail to cycle. It was then stripped again, including the bolt, and every part inspected for breakages and wear. It is now back together and in my cabinet.


I am now thinking that i should use cartridges with a larger gram load to see if this will help my M1 cycle. As it will be a month until i can shoot it again to test my theory i thought i would ask if anybody else as had similar problems and if you think a larger load would help.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my post and i look forward to any replies and welcome your thoughts regarding this problem.



Uncle Bodwin,

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It could be all sorts of things, but I would start with:


1. Clean the recoil tube and replace the spring with a new one. (since it's an older gun).


2. Clean the mag tube and replace the magizine spring. Make sure the mag follower is real clean.


If that doesn't fix your problem, then you might have a carrier latch and spring problem. That's a cheap part as well.


Good luck. jed

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Sorry it as been so long since i replied with an update of spring replacement. Unfortunately i did not have the chance of replacing one spring at a time and trying my Super 90 to see if that particular spring did the job.


I replaced the recoil, magazine, carrier, hammer, firing pin, and inertia spring. When i tried to load the magazine tube i found that it would not accept more than two shells. I had been supplied with the wrong one. In went the original and i tried again, success, a full magazine.


I then chambered a shell and pulled the trigger and...................................... nothing. It did not fire. Tried again and nothing. I stripped it down again and check everything and it all seemed O.K. with no signs of why it did not work. I decided to replace the new inertia and firing pin spring with the originals. I was only able to fire it again this weekend.


I first tried to to see if it would actually fire so chambered a shell and tried a single shot and BANG, success, but it did not quite eject the shell. Tried again and it did the same. Then i tried to fire several shots in quick succession and it performed brilliantly managing to eject all shots fired. Sort of success but still not 100%.


I will try a heavier load to see if it cycles after just one shot.



Uncle Bodwin.

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Check out SureCycle Systems. They have the fix! Sounds like you have spent a lot of time and money to correct the issue. I suggest you call Jeff Hajjar, owner and explain your problem. He can send you the kit or you can send the gun to him and he'll make sure it works before you get it back.

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Hi RedLegsId,


Thanks for the reply and your comments. The springs actually did not cost that much which i was surprised about. The biggest problem was the timescale in between fitting the new springs and firing the shotgun.


I will have a look on the Sure Cycle website but will have to source parts from elsewhere as i live in the U.K. Thanks again.


Uncle Bodwin.

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