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  1. I'm about to put a C shim in my SBE, but I only have a locking plate that says "B DX." I guess they make one that says C DX, but I don't have one. I don't see the harm in leaving the B locking plate there with the C shim.......do you? Jed
  2. No problems with my M2 and Rios. With the load you are shooting, you should not have a "break-in" issue. That's a heavy load. I've always heard good things about Rios (I shoot them on regular basis). However, if the M2 shoots all shells okay, then you may have a bad batch. I'd try some different brands before I started trying to fix things. You might want to take a look at the mag tube and made sure nothing is jammed up in there. jed
  3. I have an American SBEII that only came with the "B" shim. 1. Does anyone have a "C" shim laying around they want to part with?
  4. Regarding serial number. Get the number and call Benelli. They should be able to tell you what you need to know.
  5. In my opinion, wear spots do not always mean problems. It might be a good thing. Wear spots could come from how the previous owner loaded or unloaded the gun. You should see wear marks from where the shell comes from the mag tube and then into the chamber (all normal of course). You might see some ejection marks around the ejection port. This is normal to a certain extent. Where you are going to get the problems on a used gun is the recoil spring, the mag spring, the mag follower and possibly a bent recoil tube from someone trying the change out the recoil spring. The carrier latch may b
  6. jed1894

    SBE II

    I got one for X-mas. All other guns on the gun rack now. Wait to you clean it.....I thought the M2 was easy. jed
  7. Not sure how old your gun is, but I would just call Benelli and let them send you another trigger assy. Problem solved. They may even swap you out if the gun is out of warranty. I did the same thing on an M2.......If I remember correctly, they held my credit card number until they received the old trigger assy back. If you try to bend it (like Tucker said), I would get another friend's SBE and match it up good. jed
  8. Sorry if I can across as a smart A......you will have to re-mark the chokes after you clean them. The gun oil will remove the Sharpe marks. Limbsavers should cost around $40 for that gun. Make sure you tell them it's for a CT stock so you will get the adapter plate that goes inside the stock. As far as gun experience. The SBE is probably not the best gun to start with if you have no experience. Some, I have heard, will not cycle light loads well. Although mine will cycle anything I put in it so do not. Don't give up....you have all the gun you'll ever need. When you hunt and/or shoot
  9. I'm sure Benelli and Briley are still laughing at your email/letter if this is not a joke....I'll play along anyway. Solution: 1. Use reading glasses or look at the notches for the chokes (that's what I do); you could color code them yourself (use sharpe); sell them to someone who can read them. 2. Regarding Gel pad, trade someone for a Limbsaver or just buy one. That's what about 50% of the people do. But, I assure you that will not affect the recoil very much. 3. Regarding recoil, you are going to just have to man up or sell the gun. The gun is made to shoot the largest
  10. jed1894

    Benelli alert

    Not correct. The gun is not made solely for Dicks. Bass Pro, Academy, Cabelas and all local authorized Benelli dealers can get the same gun. All they have to do is call and order one (that's my dealer did for me). My local Benelli dealer has a rack full of them now. However, he can't touch the Dicks price of $799. Since Dicks orders so many, they can get the gun cheaper, I guess, and sell for less. It's called the "American." The "American" does not have a comfort tech stock.
  11. You can go to gunbroker.com and ebay and search for "benelli stock" and you should get some results. The M2 stock will work as well (or so it says). If you call Benelli they will probably refer you to Brownells, which is sometimes a waste of time (depending on who you get on the phone). You didn't say how old your gun was, but I've never seen a wooden SBE stock. Good luck. jed
  12. Are you talking about the recoil pad or the comb? Water has never affected my recoil pad, but the comb is another issue. Water or oil hit mine and deformed it a little (still don't exactly what caused it). Benelli sent me another one.
  13. jed1894

    Benelli alert

    My lovely wife got me the SBEII American (camo) from Dicks. My life is complete.
  14. I have M2 CT, M2 American and SBEII American. Unless you want to show off your CT stock, get the American. I've already replaced the comb on my American because of water or something seeping into it. I tried to get Benelli to swap me out an American stock but they would only sway a CT stock (go figure). No difference in recoil either, in my opinion. You can add a CT stock for around $200 later on if you like. Everything else is the same (except two more chokes you'll probably never use). Happy shooting. jed
  15. Before you sand, you may want to loosen up the stock retaining nut and see if the shim is out of place. It should fit into small holes and be flush all the way around. jed
  16. This is just my opinion, but I think the Crio chokes are better or just as good as any aftermarket choke. They pattern just as good as my high-dollar aftermarket chokes. I would try them before you buy any more. If you choose to buy aftermarket and sell the Crio, let me know. The crio chokes, in my testing, also shoot one choke tighter than others I have tried. jed
  17. I know this may not be right on point, but I just got a SBEII and had a M2 for a while. The two will not interchange. The SBE is a different design (the barrel and receiver are made together on the top half). I compared my SBEII to my friend's SBE (original) and they looked the same to me. His was about 10 years old I guess. So, I don't think they will. I'm sure someone will confirm this. jed
  18. Anyone have a Crio IC choke for SBE II laying around they want to get rid of cheap? I have a new, never fired Full choke I'll trade if anyone needs one. thanks, jed
  19. Anyone know of a resource that sells the M2 American camo stock and forearm both? I can find stocks on gunbroker but no matching forearms. I can find the black forearms as well. I called Benelli customer service and they referred me to Brownells. Brownells said they could not find them when I called. Thanks jed
  20. I cannot tell any difference in recoil. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the little rubber chevrons sticking out (like mine). I am constantly pushing mine back in. Or water leaking in through the chevron or rubber comb. If you don't like the non-CT version, you could always trade, sell or just buy another stock. I see them on gunbroker and ebay for sale. You should not have a problem selling it. The bottom line: If the American was available when I bought my M2 with comfort tech, I would have just bought the American. Dicks has them for around $899. I will try to ask for
  21. M2 American is M2 without comfort tech stock. It only comes with 3 chokes and no hard case. Dicks Sporting Goods has about the best price on them. Hopefully, I'm getting one for X-mas. I have the M2 with comfort tech and have shot one without comfort tech. Save the money and get the American.
  22. It could be all sorts of things, but I would start with: 1. Clean the recoil tube and replace the spring with a new one. (since it's an older gun). 2. Clean the mag tube and replace the magizine spring. Make sure the mag follower is real clean. If that doesn't fix your problem, then you might have a carrier latch and spring problem. That's a cheap part as well. Good luck. jed
  23. jed1894

    Benelli alert

    If any of you guys happen to see the M2 American on sale at Dicks or Academy for the $799 (last year), post here....They should be at that price between now and Christmas, I hope. jed
  24. Oops....sorry about that. Late night typing, drinking beer and spelling don't work sometimes....thanks for correction. jed
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