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  1. I like to see 120 and up with #6 shot.
  2. My buddy's sbe1 really likes factor full choke with winchester extended range 6's 3 inch. Real nice pattern at 40 yards.
  3. Tightest one you have....Full or extra full.
  4. I use Kroil when hoppes wont get all the fouling out
  5. I use Hoppes no.9 and Kroil
  6. Kicks gt .665 i get 170 at 40 yards with my SBE II
  7. Did you think about get a b-square saddle mount for your 870 so you can just pull it off the gun with your scope attached and then just insert trigger pins and put a bird barrel back on. I have this setup on my 870 and I only test fire 1 shell each year with slug to verify scope is still on and I have never had it move yet. Just a thought. Scooter
  8. I just patterned my SBE II with the kicks gt .665 at 30 yards, 34 degrees. I tried 5 different types of loads all 3 inch and the best I got was 169 hits in ten in circle with winchester supreme extended range turkey #6 shot. That's alot better than the factory full choke did. Hope this helps.
  9. Not sure where my guy ordered it from sorry.
  10. I have a SBE II i just bought and was wondering 2 things. Am I right that the barrel is chromed? And if so is it a good idea to polish the inside of the barrel with jb bore cleaner and bore polish to improve the pattern? Thanks Scooter
  11. I got my SBE II in 3 days.
  12. -=WGT=-EMSDJ2

    SBE II

    Hi everyone. Scott here in central illinois. Finally bought a new SBE II and took it out today and put a box of 2 3/4 just to get to know the gun and break it in a little. WOW it's nice! Can't wait to get out and start patterning it for turkeys and shoot some trap with it. Just want to say hello to everyone!! Scooter:D
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