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Salient Benelli


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  • 2 weeks later...

Waiting for my Salient from Velocity Shooters to be finished. Hopefully before Xmas.

Shot my buddies, it was amazing.

Did not want to drink the tomato sauce but after putting 50 rounds down his, I was sold.

Have been running a 1100 CM, for 7 years but it was having "ISSUES" the past 3 1/2 years.

Almost ordered the Mossberg 930 from Benny Hill, and was waiting for the FN SLP Mk 1 with the pistol grip, which won't be available until mid January. Glad I waited and shot the Salient.

M1014, are you hand loading to the mag tube or have a chute set up for the tubes? Velocity said they were still working on the open version.

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the first Benelli I ever shot was the Benelli Practical model back when they just came out in 98,,they where built for ipsc shooting,,even though the barrel is to long its really a great gun,,,,, its the forefather of out the box race Benellis,,they came with a loading bracket and tubes,,which I never got the hang of so I just practiced speed loading by hand,,the later speed loading equipment is far superior to the early stuff,,,,,I remember when those competition masters came out,,almost bought one,,just don't care for remington that much,,maybe one day. PS:someday,,,someway gonna get a Salient ,,thats for sure.

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  • 1 month later...

Just got my Salient, wow! What a shotgun.

Put 150 rounds and it runs. Shoots faster than I can pull the trigger. Put Williams Slugger Fire

Sights on it for slugs. Got a Briley Diffuser choke. Like the Diffuser, works with slugs.

Very easy to load, weak hand. Lifter gate is wonderful, no Benelli thumb! Well worth the $$$. It does kick more than the 1100CM but you get use to it. Really not an issue.

Workmanship is excellent. This is the standard for 3 gun tactical shotguns.

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