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Uplander Question


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Hello all,

I just bough a Stoeger Uplander a few days ago and I just got it out to shoot it.


1. I noticed that it had a really really heavy trigger pull. Is this normal?


2. I shot 2 boxes out of it and it shot like it should for most of the time, but once and a while ONLY the right barrel would click like it shot and the firing pin would just barely tap the primer without firing the shell.


What should I do/what is wrong...is the right barrel firing pin bad? How much do they cost to replace if that is the case?

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^^ This is a used gun… right?


Obviously, something is very wrong. If the trigger feels heavy and the right-side firing pin is occasionally hanging, it’s a problem with the mechanism. A qualified gunsmith can fix this. It might require replacement parts.


I would get on the repair ASAP. I say this because it’s possible that the sticking firing pin could get fully stuck when firing the right barrel, and then have the pin release and the gun discharge a few seconds or a moment later. :eek:



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If it’s a new gun that you recently purchased, you are under warranty and the repair should not cost you anything.


However, this is obviously a “Monday Morning” defective gun, and you should demand a replacement instead of a repair. The gun you have now is not safe to shoot (it’s an accident waiting to happen if you have a delayed or weak firing incident). Even if it’s repaired, it will go back to the factory or an authorized repair center. That means you will be without the gun for at least 90 days or longer.


Follow these steps to get this resolved:


1. Copy the serial number from the gun’s barrel and receiver. I believe these should match.


2. Return the gun to the dealer from whom who made the original purchase, and request a replacement instead of a repair.


3. If the dealer refuses to replace the gun with a new one, send a letter to the manufacturer. Your letter should include the gun’s model, serial number, a problem description, and the dealer who sold the gun. You should state that you purchased the gun as new, and that you want a replacement gun and not a repair of the gun you purchased.


I don’t think you will have any problem getting a replacement gun.



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ok, thanks spike...

How do you mail a firearms then??? Is there any special way or laws regarding mailing a shotgun?

Don't mail the gun anywhere. You will leave the gun with the dealer from you you made the purchase. They will either provide you with a replacement gun (which they should), or send this gun to an authorized repair center (which could literally take months during which you won't have a gun).


You don't want this gun; so if it's not immediately replaced, let it go back to wherever for a repair. And in the mean time, go to work on the manufacturer for a new replacement of the unsafe gun that was sold to you.


Hope I don't get banned! :o



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How do you mail a firearms then??? Is there any special way or laws regarding mailing a shotgun?


Try Spike's recommendation on taking it back to the shop where you got it, but if they say, too bad, your problem, it is perfectly legal to ship firearms in the US Postal service, or UPS, or FedEx, or whatever.


I just use the US Postal Service.


If the gun is going back to the manufacturer, it is perfectly legal for you to mail it.


Package it properly (the boxes the gun usually come packaged in are NOT good enough.) You need a HEAVY cardboard box and packing peanuts or styrofoam.


The gun MUST be unloaded, which should be obvious.


Do not put anything on the packaging that would imply or express that it is a gun. Should be blank, except the 'from' and 'to' addresses.


Before you send it to Stoeger you need a return authorization number. You "might" also need a copy of their FFL to take with you to the post office. But I don't think so.


You should tell the Post Office it is a firearm, but I don't think you are required to do so. I always do. If you get any flak from the person at the counter, ask for the manager. They should know the rules.


I recommend getting insurance, too.


Its not that big a deal.


Good info here:



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Ok, looks like I'm going to pay a visit to the gun shop and push for a replacement and if that doen't happen at least it will get fixed. It is complete b.s. that a new gun breaks like that.

I understand your frustration. However, don’t be too hard on Stoeger and the Uplander gun. Two-barrel guns are actually inherently more difficult to build than an autoloader. The problem you describe can happen even with high-end Krieghoff and Parazzi guns.


While autoloaders and pump-guns are built with modern manufacturing processes requiring minimal handwork, there is a lot of craftsmanship involved in constructing a two-barrel gun. A two-barrel gun has lots of little parts and pieces (springs, complicated firing mechanisms, ejector-mechanisms etc.) that are often fitted laboriously together by hand.


When an autoloader fails to fire or load a shell, it’s often a simple fix that typically requires some lubricant or simply cleaning the weapon’s slide, receiver, or its bolt. The worst case is probably simply replacing the bolt.


When a two-barrel gun fails to fire, the repair usually requires the expertise of an experienced gunsmith, or even returning the gun to the manufacturer or an authorized repair center.


BTW: If you do need to return the gun to the manufacturer for repair, the warranty on that repair should be the date on which the gun is returned to you after the work is completed. In other words, if a gun has a one year warranty, and it fails and you return the gun for warranty work; your new one-year warranty (on at least that specific repair) should restart on the date the manufacturer returns the gun to you. That makes sense and is the fair way to handle a warranty since the repair can take 90 or more days.



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