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Vinci Safety Problem


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Has anyone experienced the safety problem hunting in the field with gloves on with this shotgun? The location of the recessed button prevents even a very light hunting glove from allowing it to be turned off. I am hopeful Benelli has a fix for this as this certainly is a bad design. The m1 super 90's have a great safety and they should have never changed that.

All suggestions are welcomed!

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^^ A problem operating the Vinci’s safety while wearing gloves has been mentioned by a couple of people here. I’ve also read the same comment on another Forum. I didn’t experience the problem when I was testing a Vinci, but I was wearing a light-weight shooting glove.


The Vinci's safety button is in front of the trigger guard, making its position different from some other model Benelli guns; but it’s apparently the recessed-configuration that causes trouble for some shooters.


The Beretta 391 autoloader has its safety button at the front of the trigger guard, and the crossbolt-safety (the safety button) is also recessed, but mainly at the top of the button and not so much forward of the safety button (as is the case with the Vinci). I don’t know if Beretta owners are reporting any problems with this gun’s safety.


I suppose a fix for this might be a longer crossbolt so that the safety button protrudes slightly making it more accessible when wearing gloves. Any qualified gunsmith could do this modification, but I imagine there might be concerns whenever changing a gun’s safety (even at this very elemental level). Since we exist in a very litigious society, a gunsmith understandably has reservations when changing the manufacturer’s safety configuration.


Hopefully Benelli becomes aware of the problem reported by some shooters, and offers a replacement crossbolt that is slightly longer (i.e., more protrusive) than the Vinci’s standard safety button. That would be an effective repair for shooter who has a problem disengaging the safety when wearing gloves.



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I have a related problem. I have smallish hands that usually thake a Medium size glove and I have change my grip to disengage the safety. If it just had an extension that brought it 1/8th of an inch closer to the trigger, it would solve my problem and, perhaps, the gloved finger problem, too.

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