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Urbino Stock with Single Point Sling Adapter

Dr Or

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To all those Lucky enough to have gotten hold of an Urbino Stock for there M4 ...


Could you kindly comment on your thoughts in regards to the ability of me to use a previously purchased Single Point Sling Adapter with the new Urbino Stock ...


An Example to this would be shown in the following link:




This will help me further decide if I shall keep with the Stock or go with the Urbino ... as I am a fan of the Single point attachement ...



Dr. Or

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I don't have an answer to your question. But since this is a discussion board, I'm gonna post what Larry Vickers has to say about single point slings. This is not to denigrate you or your decision to use them, but rather as a learning aid for everyone here who doesn't have a lot of experience with slings and using them in combat scenerios; which will probably include most of us (certainly me). Larry Vickers is a former Delta Force operator and 20+ year military veteran. But like most things, preferences and expectations are unique to the individual user. What works for one person may not work for another.


Single Point Slings – As many of you know I am not a fan of this design. In my opinion it has far too many negatives for very few positives. The one big plus of the single point design is it is very easy to switch from shoulder to shoulder for weak side barricade shooting. It is a big advantage in that situation. However I honestly cannot think of another attribute it has; everything else in my opinion is negative. It tends to make the rifle dangle and hang off of you like a dead cocker spaniel. When you are shooting on the move after a transition it tends to interfere with your movement as the carbine wants to hang in front of your body. It also likes to hang up on kit as it is tight around your upper torso. When you take a knee it is guaranteed you will muzzle strike the ground unless you control it. Also if you are trying to climb anything it wants to hang in front of your body and prevent you from climbing efficiently. Single point slings are great if you are static at the 7 yd line and play bullet hose but other than that, in my humble opinion, they suck. As far as I am concerned all the negatives greatly outweigh the sole positive feature.

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All slings suck, but Single Point Slings suck the most. They are a "Pendulum of Pain," someone said. They're great for the class photo and otherwise posturing on the range pretending you're on a SWAT team.


A two point sling with the rear sling attachment point between the receiver and stock, though, works very well for many people and offers much more control.


What works well on your M4 Carbine may be unsuitable on your M4 Shotgun.


-- Chuck

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