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won't go boom!


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I've got a Cordoba, and a friend of mine has a SBE II. We've both been having the problem lately of the hammer dropping, but the cartridge won't go off. He has some slight markings on his primers, I don't have any on mine. Completely erratic in how often it happens.


Different cleaning schedules / lubricants used. Different brands of shells. Hunting at different locations / times.


I've taken the bolt completely apart, degreased it and started over with light lube. (Tetra if anyone wants to know) Degreased the trigger assembly, used a light oil on it and blew the excess out with compressed air.


Anybody else got any suggestions? I really don't want to take it in to a gunsmith before the end of duck season because I like hunting with it, but only if it goes off when I pull the trigger!


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Several possible causes.


1. The Benelli Click - The bolt must be fully forward and rotated, or the gun won't fire. Easing the bolt closed or bumping the gun around in a duck blind, etc. can cause it not be in fully battery. Light primer strikes indicate this failure quite often.


2. Debris in the firing pin hole - Crud can build up inside of the firing pin hole inside the bolt, creating a dam of sorts that will prevent the pin from falling fully forward. Disassemble the bolt group and make sure the hole is cleaned thoroughly.


3. Cold weather problems - Below freezing temps can create problems if a lower quality oil is used, becoming thick and seizing the firing pin, hammer, or other key components.


Another cold weather issue can occur if the gun is cased cold or cold and wet and not allowed to properly acclimatize and dry. Condensation can occur on the internal parts and the water will freeze and seize parts as well.

Buddy of mine last week had to take his SX3 apart in the blind and remove the mag spring and follower and break ice out of the tube before he could get shell in the magazine.


Other may chime in with more possibilities, but these are my top three or four.

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