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Supernova help needed


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My 24" supernova has arrived at my rfd and I'm thinking about a tactical light.


I love the streamligt TLR-1, but I'm not sure it will mount easily as I am not going to have an extended mag tube on this gun. They're also very expensive over here.


Can anyone recommend a good value light that is likely to be available in the uk for sensible money?


I'd also welcome mounting suggestions. I've got the pistol grip version, which in the uk comes with a drilled receiver unlike the confortech model (daft how spec changes between countries, as I understand all your s/n have drilled receivers).


I thought about the mesa tactical shell holder with the rail on top, but I'm not sure if this will obscure the sighting bead. I believe this wouldn't provide a place for a light that can be easily operated.


Any help with this issue would be great.


Are there any after market ghost ring sights that don't require a smith to attach?


I have an earlier post on a similar matter, but it's not produced any final solution and I'm hoping a new thread may bring more advice.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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I recommended a great inexpensive light in your other thread. Don't take my word for it, look at some of the other reviews. I have a lot of experience with LED's (24hr MTB racer) and this little light is solid. It comes with 2 solid aluminum bodies, picitinny rail mount and remote for $50. Bright Cree emitter too.


Since you don't want the shell holder but want a rail and place to attach a light, I'd suggest you buy the rail system from sidearmor and attach a light on the side, thus not obscuring your sights.

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