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FN Police LNIB


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one local - just saw it today - $980 seems to be right at book price but felt top heavy to me. Any comments from those that have shot it compared to M4?


I bought one of those about 2006 and it was a smooth shooting gun. I always wanted the Benelli but never wanted to pay the price for it. I really like the feel of the Benelli pistol grip stock. I noticed FN was advertising the PG stock on their guns. However they said they won't be able to import them. Then I saw the Supernova and went out and got one of those thinking hey it's close enough to the same look and feel just not a semi-auto. Finally I found the M4 for a good price so I sold my FN for $700 and bought the Benelli M4 and never looked back. I had the Supernova and the M4, and got to the point where I never shot the pump gun again. Thats about when I got on the forums, hince the name and started looking for mods to put on the M4.

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Thank you for answering my question.


Since I got the M4 and everything is paid for and I am just waiting on the full tube from kip to put it all back together I should just stop and be happy and not be thinking about other shotguns since it seems I got the best available (besides what ever new ones they are thinking up for the military).



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