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Slug gun?


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I'm in MN where I have to hunt deer with a shotgun. Most of my shots are made at fewer than 75 yards. I'm ready to upgrade my shotgun and would like to get something versatile that I can use for both deer hunting and birds. Looking at a Benelli SBE II.


Right now I use an Rem 870 slug gun with a crappy scope and between the $50 I spend each fall on sabot slugs sighting it in and the damage shooting 15 rounds does to my shoulder with the way that thing kicks, I need something else.


What do you guys think about using a smooth bored barrel with rifled slugs and a red dot at that range vs. a slug gun with a scope? Would I regret moving away from a slug gun?

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I'd say go with whatever is gonna make you comfortable. Out of my 18" M4 I have gotten a variance of 3-6" groups during slug tryouts at 50yds. That's a smoothbore with a breacher choke on it.


SBE II will help decelerate the recoil between the action, recoil pad combo.


Red-Dot. . just make sure it'll hold zero with 1600fps slugs getting launched down the tube. A 4moa dot would work nicely I'd think.


Good luck!



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Did you think about get a b-square saddle mount for your 870 so you can just pull it off the gun with your scope attached and then just insert trigger pins and put a bird barrel back on. I have this setup on my 870 and I only test fire 1 shell each year with slug to verify scope is still on and I have never had it move yet. Just a thought.



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