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M4 pressure switch mounting?


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Currently I'm running a TLR-1 with their "rail" pressure switch sticky taped to my M4 forend. Happy with the switch but not the light.


I'd like to switch to a surefire unit, but from the pictures it appears their switch may not tape on as well (it kind of looks like it's just sealed in shrink wrap from the pics).


Just curious how others have mounted a similar switch to the factory style forend. I know there are some switch "holders" set up for rails perhaps one of those could be modified and either bolted/taped to the forend. I won't put a railed forend on, and I won't use a vertical grip setup.

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Surefire has several different tape switches depending on which light you're running. They've also updated their tape switches some lately. I know that my Scout Light came with an "inner tube" type tape switch (nothing wrong with it BTW) a couple years ago but the ones shipping now are more of a molded plastic design. They also have a rail mount tape switch available. Take that FWIW.

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Here is a switch that mounts to any 1913/Pic rail so it's more secure than tape/velcro etc. This one is mounted on a Surefire M80 rail. I like this switch also because it has either constant on "clicky" switch or just a press & hold to activate pad. It works for me.










BE WARNED: Side effects include increased battery consumption, a desire to shoot in darkness, an increased consumption of 12ga shotshells through said firearm and an increased need to display a ****-eatin' grin one one's face. :D


Happy shopping!



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