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How to improve M1 cycling


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but before I did that I would clean it VERY well and use good oil on it, fp-1o or miltec and see if that works. 7/8 is about as low as you can shoot in it. a lot of people can only shoot those after shooting a lot of heavy 3" loads through it.

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Thanks Drundel. I am currently working on putting 100 rounds of the Winchester Double X Magnum Turkey loads through my SBEII.


I usually put 20 rounds of the 3" and 20 rounds of the 3 1/2" rounds in a shooting session. That's all my shoulder can take in a shooting session. smile.gif


Only one more session and I will have a grand total of 100 rounds (that's counting both the 3" and 3 1/2" shells fired).


The reason I am trying to get to 100 rounds is due to the recommendation in the SBEII manual. Of course the manual states to use "standard hunting loads" for the 100 round break-in.


Upland04 put two boxes of the magnum loads through to break-in his SBEII. anybody shot your sbe2

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