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Hello everyone, I just purchased a supersport , technically it's used but it has not been fired. When I recieved it in the mail the first thing I noticed was It didn't feel right when I held it and looked down the barrel. Thats when I realised the cast was off to the right. It came with all the shims and stock plate. I have never had to adjust a stock before and after downloading the owners manual I have a question. It tells you what drop shims and plate to use for right and left adjustments but if I want to leave it straight do I just leave the shims and the plate out? It's obvious someone has put them in there, but I have no idea what the setting looked like from the factory. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated....Thanks

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It would have helped if you had given your thread a better title.

Something like, "Supersport - Cast Question"


The steel locking plates are drilled off-center to create either a cast on or cast off configuration for RH or LH shooters.

If you want it cast neutral, you will have to either modify an existing plate or have a new one made with the hole in the center. Any good machinist can accommodate your needs.

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I appreciate the reply. I am a right handed shooter and figured out how to adjust the cast to the least I could. I would still go with neutral if it was possible. I still wonder why they make it right or left and don't supply neutral shims and plate.....Thanks

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