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How well do the Benelli recoil pads compare to Limbsaver?


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Please, don't some employee posing as a member answer this. I had that happen a couple times (NOT here) in the past, and it has gotten me to throw money down the toilet.


I'd like to ask if anyone has experience comparing the two - how do the Benelli recoil pads compare in effectiveness to Limbsaver? And if the Benelli pad is comprable, what is the best one to get for a fitted best recoil absorption possible pad? (I have a medical condition and I need as much recoil reduction as I can get... so I'm looking for as much recoild reduction as possible. I don't care how big the pad is. The more pillow it gives me the better.)


I have the Benelli Nova Tactical and I will be shooting extremely hot 3 1/2 in slugs. I already have a shoulder pad I wear under a thick coat, so these two areas are already covered. What I just need now is the best recoil pad I can add. (I'm currently using a slip on Limbsaver, but I'm told the fitted model for the Benelli Nova Tactical won't be available till towards the end of the year. I want my shotgun add ons finished, and I'm willing to forego a Limbsaver pad if the Benelli pads are close in comparison.) I've searched the internet, and honestly I can't find anyone who has used both and compared. I'm hoping there is somone here who has and can comment on the issue.

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Limbsaver works better period. Shoot a case and a half of 3-1/2" shells in one morning through an SBEII with a comfort tech stock, and pop in (10 second change-over) a LS and you'll curse the propoganda. Benelli good, Comfort Tech is a gimmick. I just bought an SBEII from a neighbor for just over $500, and dumped the saved dough into an endurance test with a friend this past week-end. I asked what the grin was about as I rubbed my shoulder. He offered to shoot the rest of my ammo for me. Seriously considered letting him until he said "nah you shoot it through my gun, and I'll just watch your face". Weird....

.... until I shot it. Picked the shell up off the ground, same stuff... then I was grinning too.

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