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Can't get gun back together.


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I have a M4 which I have just put the new mag tube on.

Now I cant get it back together.

This is where I am.


I have not put the new spring in the tube as am waiting for the new follower from Kip, Can't see why I can't put it back with out the tube spring. Correct me if I am wrong.


Anyway, I get the trigger group in, then try and slide the bolt assemble in and it wont go all the way in. When I put the barrel on, it hits against the bolt assembly and it is firm. There is no way the bolt wants to go backwards, its just rock solid and wont move.


On a side note, the new tube from Kip is sweet. Not that hard to change out. Good instructions.


Any ideas, Thanks.

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make sure the "link" or the rear extension of the bolt-group, is secured into the receiver extension(recoil tube) and that when you're pulling back on the bolt-group, it has the ability to move rearward.


LOCK the bolt to the rear and then carefully replace barrel. sometimes you jar the receiver abrutly the bolt comes flying forward.


insert barrel full, fasten down with cap at magazine tube end, voila, you're done!


Hope it helps!



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