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  1. I was on Kip's list and I was away from the computer and missed the email when it was available. I missed out. One of the worst days of my life. I'm still recovering.
  2. Sometimes just leaning forward a few more inches will prevent limp shouldering and allow that cheap crap to cycle. I've run tests between myself and other people and myself and myself with different stances and there was a difference. I cannot say that my M4 will reliably cycle weaker ammo but I can say I can reliably shoot my M4 with weaker ammo. I usually have to give some pointers to friends (experienced shooters as well) on their stance when the M4 fails to cycle. They'll have the gun shouldered correctly but they'll just not be leaning their body weight towards the front. That's my 2 cents. That being said, it never fails the OO buck or slugs. Ever.
  3. I've got the open land and a wooded playground. The first thing you'll start to notice is the lack of bark in both areas.
  4. I disagree... I wear sunglasses when shooting skeet all the time.. when it's sunny. Oakley Pro M frames, polarized. Sometimes I shoot low skeet, where they're flying about head distance from the ground, it's a good time. I know what's wrong with the photo, Obamma looks like an American, and he clearly is NOT.
  5. I'm sorry you're stuck with it. You'd be better off with an 870 or 500.. But I guess you're just one of the unlucky ones...
  6. I'll buy the bolt handle. Let me know. Is it the muted or black?
  7. Super33

    ProMag C-Stock

    If it doesn't say "MADE IN USA" on it than I don't see the benefit of it other than to safe a few bucks. The factory stock is extremely well made and IMO a few other legit 922r parts to keep the M4 as high quality as possible is the better way to go. If you can't prove that it was made in the USA while you're at the range than it is not 922r compliant enough for me.
  8. What he said. There is no way the king of semi auto shotguns will be excluded from any ban. Also, an assault weapons ban will not happen unless it's on a state level. That's just my opinion of course.
  9. Great videos... I've shared that second one on another site. You seem to have a good grasp on reality and I admire that. Keep sharing, it is much appreciated.
  10. I would have bought 666... no questions asked.
  11. With a pending probable assault weapon ban I'd imagine the magazine is in high demand. And since there is a possible deadline an intense push on these would be understandable.
  12. No it doesn't. I'm trying to help you out, calm down. wait and see what is going to happen. THEN you can freak out.
  13. Zeke, the more you try to make sense of what's going on the more crazy you will become.
  14. My favorite part is how he keeps calling it a "rifle" because he's an "idiot".
  15. HAHA! That's funny. I hope he wasn't driving when he struggled to post that! I've made a real ass of myself more than once by texting/posting from my phone. That damn auto-correct!
  16. Damn, thanks for sharing that. I'm gonna watch more. It's fascinating and makes me sick at the same time.
  17. This is sad to see. A living example of the government's intentions. One step at a time so people would gladly lighten their load by emptying their pockets of their rights a little here and a little there to make the march a little easier. Until they have nothing left.
  18. I'm being hopeful. I've been defending the 2nd amendment since yesterday afternoon and I feel like my head is about to pop. This is different, you're right. I honestly think this is the beginning of something big. But an all out gun grab won't happen, that would lead to civil war. Forums across the internet are blazing with gun control FIGHTS. People are feeling very strongly about this, I know I am. These senseless acts of violence are why they're after our right to bear arms but that's also the reason why we need that right more then ever. I hope that when peoples' emotions calm down they can see that attacking the 2nd amendment is exactly the opposite of what should be done. I guess we just have to do our part and spread the word and wait out the storm. Hopefully no real damage is done.
  19. It'll blow over. It always does. So relax.
  20. DI and Piston both have their obvious advantages. There's an endless debate because people have different priorities. I ended up getting a piston because I don't know the future and I wanted the reliability, my AR is one of my SHTF guns. It's never jammed. A DI gun is reliable but the fact is it isn't as reliable as a piston under certain circumstances (poor maintenance, extensive shooting). I'm still amazed when I strip my AR down and the bolt is already clean after one wipe! I wish things went that smoothly in the bathroom!
  21. Super33


    "Doing away with the forums"? Because of spammers? LOL!! How is that in Benelli's best interest? It was the forum that helped me and many others decide on what benelli gun to buy. Not to mention to buy a Benelli in the first place!
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