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Asking all Benelli & Beretta owners a question

DJ Dan

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DJ Dan here. I've owned many MANY Benelli, Franchi & Beretta shotguns. Was dissapointed in a recent print ad where Beretta "knocks" the Benelli Inertia Recoil system. If you saw the ad it said basically "Beretta's gas system outperforms any inertia system" or some such wording. Is that smart considering Beretta OWNS Benelli? Kind of like one General Motors division "knocking" another one. (I thought Benelli's ad showing the clean bolt assembly after 250 rounds on the right of the page and 5 other competing semi auto shotguns' bolt and gas valve assembly filthy black after the same 250 rounds was great advertising...it ran in several outdoor/shooting magazines). Just asking fellow Benelli and Beretta owners. By the way i know this is the Benelli forum but i read on several websites that the Beretta M2 semi auto shotgun is the softest recoiling of any available make in the world. Can anybody verify that from personal experience? And i know it's a Benelli forum but you gotta hand it to Remington..the CT105 gas semi auto says 48% less recoil than any recoil shotgun, 25% less than any other gas gun in the world, plus bottom eject and load. Although Benelli's new Superlight 12 is my next purchase, has anybody shot this new Remington? Thanks, and sorry so many topics in one post

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I've talked to a gun dealer that shot the CT105 and he said that it shot ok except that he thought that the bolt was way too hard to cycle manually, this guy also admitted that he doesn't like Remington, so he probably isn't the best person to get an opinion from. From my personal opinion I don't think I would waste $1300 on a Remington auto when there are better guns out there for less money. I've shot 1100's,1187's,SX2's, Browning gold's,Extrema 1's, and Benelli's and I think the SX2 was the softest shooting gun of them all, but the Benelli's are the most durable and reliable of them all so I can live with a little more recoil.I haven't shot an Extrema 2 so I don't know if they are improved over the first model. As to the ad that Beretta has,I don't know why a company would bash a product they partially own, I think they are just jealous that the inertia operated gun's that they used to make didn't sell that well, and now that Benelli is as popular as they are, Beretta couldn't really design a new inertia gun and hope to compete against or draw people away from Benelli, so they do the next best thing: bash Benelli's design. I would never own a Berreta auto because I've seen too many jam in the field and I think the Extrema/Extrema2 just have a cheap feel to them.

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