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  1. you can reverse the safety on all Benelli shotguns. remove the trigger group from the reciever and above the safety there is a vertical hole with a pin running crossways through it. push the small pin out, (cover the top of the hole with something because there is a spring with pressure under the pin) then remove the small spring and plunger from inside the hole, you may need to tip the trigger group upside down and tap it to get the parts to fall out, then push the safety button out and put it back in the opposite way it was, then put everything back together the opposite way you took it apar
  2. I put a super sling on my M2 and the swivels fit the factory stids perfectally.
  3. I would like to see benelli's offered in every guage so I can get a complete set.
  4. the M2 doesn't have a carbon fiber rib, the only model that I think has one is the ultralight. I think either gun would be a good choice so get the one you like the best.
  5. gunner76


    The recoil pad on the M2's just snap on and off, I would put some rubbing alcohol on the mounting lip of the new pad to make it easier to put it on. Recoil shouldn't change with the new pad, but you should make sure that you don't make the LOP too short or else your thumb might hit your nose.
  6. both the Extrema & Extrema 2 have a 3.5'' chamber, the Extrema 2 is an updated version that has a little bit different look and is lighter.
  7. gunner76

    M2 break in

    if you can handle the recoil I would stay with the Benelli, when all of the Remington shooters are fixing their guns you will still be out shooting your Benelli. I've owned an 1187, Browning Gold, and a Winchester SX2 and all of them had less recoil than the Benelli. No matter what you put on a recoil operated gun the recoil will never be less than that of a gas gun, unless you add alot of weight to the recoil operated gun, which in turn will cause the gun to not function properly. Buying something just because the manufacturer claims it is supposed to do something is simply stupid, anyone w
  8. It's nice to hear someone telling about their good experience with Customer Servive instead of all the people complaining. I also think some people expect too much at times; like sending a gun in for repairs and expecting it back within a week or two( which doesn't happen with a large company) and when they don't get what they want they start complaining to the customer service rep and that gets them nowhere. I haven't had to deal with CS yet, but my local dealer says that the Benelli rep that he deals with is very accomodating. The dealer said they have a problem with bolt handles getting sto
  9. Don't spray that much oil in the action of the gun,your just asking for problems, especially with Rem oil because it gets sticky when it gets cold. I think your friends are lucky that they haven't had any problems. I use the supplied Benelli oil on the inside of the gun and have had no problems. Breakfree CLP or Hoppes Elite are also good choices, I use Breakfree on my AR15 and have never had a problem with functioning,even in extreme cold. Also you never stated what model gun you had or what type of ammo your using. If your gun is a SBE you might want to try to talk to Tucker301, he knows qu
  10. gunner76

    SBE 2 ???

    it has a stainless steel spring, and I believe a stainless spring housing too.
  11. new SBE 2's are selling for around $1200 so I would offer him around $1000-$1050, the gun is like new and you know how it was treated so that would be worth spending a little extra. I don't keep up on Beretta's so I can't help you there.
  12. gunner76

    Need Advice

    I agree with Tucker, 870 first then nova,the nova is a good gun but the 870 has alot more variations and acccesories to choose from. I don't care much for Mossbergs and I've read too many horror stories on the Stoeger forum about the model 2000 and the ones I've looked at had a really cheap feel and look.
  13. I bought an M1 20ga this summer and love it, but I wish I would've waited and bought an M2 20 because I really like the comfortech stock on my M2 12ga and the M2 20ga also has the grip tight coating on the stock and forearm. Both guns have an identical action and both should be extremely reliable, even in extreme cold. Is this gun going to be a suprise for your dad?, I ask because the Monte has a low rib and the M2 has a high rib, and some people prefer one over the other so you might want to take him with and see which one he likes best. It doesn't bother me to have 4 shots instead of 5 bec
  14. I've broke all my 12ga Benelli's in with 1 1/8oz target loads and my 20ga in with 7/8oz target loads and haven't had any problems. I would take the guns out and shoot them with target loads and if you experience problems then run a box or two of heavy hunting loads through and see if that solves the problems. As for cleaning a new shot gun first I usually run a bore snake through the barrel to get any lube from the factory out and then take it out and run a couple of hundred rounds through it before I strip it down. I don't know much about the Gunslick but I do use the suppied Benelli oil on
  15. I like 3" 1.25oz #4 for early season Teal&Woodies then switch to 3" 1 1/4 or 1 3/8 #3 for later in the season, #3 steel is also great on pheasants. I've also had excellant luck with Heavy shot 3" #4 or#6 for ducks/pheasant and 3" #2 for decoying geese.
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