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  1. Anyone tried the Aguila minishells in their Nova?
  2. Would any forum members be interested in a 16 gage Benelli? I would like a Montefeltro 16. And a 16 gage Nova using the 20 gage frame would be interesting as well. Any one else?
  3. I don't think most people reading your rant will believe Benelli is at fault. Is the finish still intact under the rust? With years of experience with firearms I have learned finishes from some makers are more susceptible to rusting than others (EX: Ruger blued revolvers will rust more easily than a S&W blued revolver). Unless you have some proof that the finish was improperly done suck it up and be a man and admit it was your fault.
  4. For a very long time my high score at sporting was shot with a 20 gage. Frankly, I can't tell any difference between a 12 or 20 in terms of my ability to break clays on the sporting course. Drop down to a 28 and my score goes quickly to pot!
  5. This may be old news to some but while looking thru the 2006 Lyman catalog I see Lyman has announced mag extensions for Nova, M1, M2, and M3 in their Tacstar line.
  6. I would really like Benelli to offer a pump rifle modelled on the Nova with detachable box magazine in 223 REM and 7.62X39. I think it would make a great P/U, barn, and self defense gun. Anyone else like to see one?
  7. Gio, If you are on a budget then just use the Nova as you got it, 28 inch barrels and all!. Put the I/C choke in and stoke the magazine with 00. I suggested to buy another Nova because I am a big believer in the Ghost Ring sights and the Nova Tactical sells for about $300 locally. Obviously, the Ghost Ring sights would be impractical on a gun that you were switching out barrels on. Take the gun to the range and get in some practice with the 00 and you will be fine.
  8. Personally, I would just buy a Nova Tactical and be done with it. Get the one with the Ghost Ring sights. Heat shields are just to impress the Rambo wannabes, not necessary on a HD shotgun.
  9. Buy the Reloading for Shotgunners 5th edition book only if you need data for no longer produced components such as 452AA, 473AA, 540, & 571 powder. Wads such as the WAA16 and 12C1 and primers like the Fed 209 & Rem 209. This book has a large number of recipes that are obsolete. Save your money and get the free data from the powder manufacturers.
  10. I doubt that "foreign" ownership has anything to do with it. After all, Winchester was owned by Olin Corporation in 1964 when Winchester destroyed its quality & reputation. The quality of Winchester Model 70's and 94's remained subpar from 1964 until the early 90's. In that time Remington came to dominate the boltgun market and Marlin took over the levergun market. Based on what I see locally Remington still dominates the boltgun market. Very few deer hunters apparently want a lever gun any more but those that do buy Marlins based on what I see locally. I see very few Winchester anythings offered for sale locally. Winchester apparently has a very small market share of a declining market.
  11. Who would be interested in a "Nova like" centerfire pump with 18 inch barrel and chambered in 223 Remington, 7.62x39, and 308?
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