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  1. AI've got a M2 with the comfortech stock, it has a plastic swivel stud on the bottom. I bought an uncle mike's quick adjust sling and a pair of QD swivels. The swivel doesn't attach well to the stock stud. It looks like the swivel post is two short or something. Can anyone recommend a part number that I could order/buy that they know fits? Actually, they don't have to be Uncle Mike's they can be from anyone.
  2. Sometimes this is hard, many people tie some string around the bolt handle and yank it out with that. It's easier to get a good grip on the other end of the string than to get a good grip on the stock bolt handle.
  3. kbyrd

    M2 Barrel

    PM sent. Not for trade, but I'm interested in buying it.
  4. I'm trying to figure out if the plastic loop on the bottom of the comfortech stock and the wide metal slot at the forend cap are the attachment points for a sling, what slings work with these attachment points, and what other hardware I might need. I've looked at 3-point slings, but I think just a simple "hunting" sling would be fine. Looking for suggestions on brands and models.
  5. I've got an M2 tactical with a comfortech stock. It's got the 18.5" barrel rifle sights, not the ghost ring sights, so there's no rear sight on the reciever. The stock has a small loop on the bottom (I'm not talking about the side of the stock where the M3 has a sling mounting point). There is also a metal piece between the forend and the magazine extension which has a slot in it. These both look like sling mounting points. I've been looking at: http://www.spectergear.com/ and http://www.outdoorconnection.com/products/slings/slings.htm - What slings fit these points? Would these all be t
  6. Thanks for the advice. I shot this for the first time today. I really like this gun :-) Now, I've always been told to not shoot a slug with a choke installed. But, I'm not supposed to shoot this barrel WITHOUT a choke installed. I assume it's safe to fire a slug with a cylinder choke tube, right?
  7. Newbie question: Is it ok to fire my M2 without any choke tube installed? I'm worried that the shot may damage the threads or something.
  8. Ordered the 26". We'll see how long it takes to get one hot of the presses from Italy..
  9. Ordered on 08/03/06, showed up today. garrett got his as well today. Now, if that 26" Matte black bbl would just show up.
  10. I searched their website, do they generally have things in stock that aren't listed on the website?
  11. An update: The part number for M2 Field 26" matte black barrel is 81255. The 28" matte black barrel is 81250. The MSRP is $380. Customer service said they're about 45-60 days backordered .They also said I couldn't order one myself, that I'd have to go thru a dealer. Anyone know of a place that might have these in stock? None of my local dealers seem to stock the item.
  12. I guess I'll call customer service. Serves me right for trying to use the Internet to avoid a phone call.
  13. Looking at the benelli usa website, I see barrels available for various guns, including M2 barrels in 22, 24, and 26". But it appears all these are in "Advantage Timber HD". Can I get them in black?
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