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Benelli M1 shouldering technique potential misfire question?


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Benelli M1 shouldering technique potential misfire question?


-First post on the forum here. I just bought a M1 Super-90 yesterday and am getting to know the firearm at this point, and loving it. Looking forward to putting a lot of rounds through. Quick question regarding a few items I've noticed and researched here and on some other forums.


1) I've read you can get a jam if you don't shoulder the shotgun properly. This makes me curious because with my pistol grip I figured there could be situations where you fired it, well, from the hip. or at least down low holding it from the forend and the pistol grip. Is the M1 not suitable to fire in this way?


2) Also, any issues noted regarding 3" shells? I've loaded and unloaded some rounds, and I got a mix of 2 3/4 and 3 in rounds in the tube and when it came time to manually cycle out a 3" round it would stick.


Thanks guys, looking forward to learning from you all. Seems like a good forum.

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I have an M1S90 and its given me absolutely no trouble. I am only 5ft tall and I have a shorter stock on my weapon and it has made no difference to the way it fires. I have fired it from my hip and as long as you hold it tight against you, no trouble at all.


I currently use 67mm cartridges at 32g and the Benelli loves it, there is no problem with the inertia system functioning.


I've also used 70mm cartridges at 28g and no significant stoppage issues, but I do prefer the 32g as I find I can be a bit lazier with my shouldering technique.

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