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  1. Cool...but probably not for us non US residents. great thing to do and very good luck to you all.
  2. Hi Benelligunny...thats probably what I need...do they only come in 26inch? Also are you able to locate one and what would the price be...thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. Hi Truckcop...sorry to hijack this thread, but do you have a spare M1S90 barrel (24in minimum) Ghost ring sighted? I am desperate to buy one.
  4. I know many dremmel them out, mine was by the previous owner...I think its known as Benelli thumb
  5. Folks, I am based in London UK, I have an established way of having the barrel forwarded on to me. I am looking for an M1S90 ghost ring barrel, it must be a minimum of 24in length due to our legislation here. I can make payment by direct transfer or Paypal etc. I would be really grateful if I can get a decent barrel people. Thanks from a female shooter!
  6. Hi m1a-08, on the off chance, do you happen to have a spare barrel for the 121 M1 in at least 24inch length that you would be willing to sell? Thanks
  7. Still here.......LOL....still got cash burning in my pocket!
  8. Folks, Does anyone have an M1S90 Practical Barrel for sale? I am based in London, United Kingdom and I am willing to pay via PayPal or by bankers cheque. Planman another forum member in the US can vouch for me, I have bought before with no problems. PM me or respond here.... Thanks!
  9. Hi, I have an M1S90 and can say I love it, I use it for practical shotgun competitions and I've on had this gun fail on me once. It was totally my fault, I got lazy shouldering it. I run 67mm carts but have also used 70mm, I tend to stick with 32g loads and this works great for dropping the steels, poppers & frangible targets. It'll run with 26g as well but really doesn't like any lower, I have kept it as solid stock, because I have heard the nightmares people have had one pistol grips. I have also used this weapon for skeet/clay and it worked reall well. I love my M1S90, it's 12g and as a very short female shooter it's given me no problems at all. I also have a kickeez butt on it which works really well. Good luck. Anna London, United Kingdom
  10. Hey, I will talk to a friend of mine as he just bought a M1S90 at a show this weekend. Don't hold it though if you get someone else offering. Take their deal! Once again folks I've dealt with Planman, he was a pleasure to deal with and honest. He posted from the US to UK London with no problems!
  11. Hi folks I'm looking for a M1S90 manual as my shotty did not come with one. If you have a spare one you are willing to give up, I am happy to buy it. I'm based in London, United Kingdom. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Hi, I have an M1S90 and its given me absolutely no trouble. I am only 5ft tall and I have a shorter stock on my weapon and it has made no difference to the way it fires. I have fired it from my hip and as long as you hold it tight against you, no trouble at all. I currently use 67mm cartridges at 32g and the Benelli loves it, there is no problem with the inertia system functioning. I've also used 70mm cartridges at 28g and no significant stoppage issues, but I do prefer the 32g as I find I can be a bit lazier with my shouldering technique.
  13. Folks, I can personally vouch for Planman. I purchased a M1S90 barrel from him last month, and as promised it arrived here in London, UK with no problems. I was updated all the way and I feel Ive made a good friend on this forum and off the forum. You can definitely buy from him with confidence.
  14. Looks like a sweet M1S90 to me!
  15. did you fire the same cartridge that did'nt fire in the mossberg or was it a different cartridge?
  16. what puzzles me is that it fired one brand but not the other, which makes me question if it has anything to do with the pin.
  17. TKTM A really interesting read and an education at the same time.
  18. Very strange looking light strikes! Did they actually fire or not, sorry I'm viewing these on my phone so not great.
  19. I wouldn't go so far as to call them nazi, but I would say they have'nt helped with our so called gun crime problem. I really can't see what difference a fixed or c-stock will make to our weapons!
  20. You guys are so lucky over in the US. We can't have C-stocks on our guns here with all our rules...grrr
  21. Duggan, Thanks for the information in the flaws in the womans stance when shooting, I have to say as a female shooter I hold quite an aggressive stance and adjust it for the situation and weapon I use at the time. That said yes, some women over compensate and I have seen one or two knocked onto their butts but they soon learn. However in this circumstance, my comment on the photo was supposed to be Tongue in cheek! Regards Anna.
  22. Duggan.... You are so naughty LOL But the stance does look wrong, maybe it's the angle of the pic LOL. Anna.
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