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Super vinci


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I bought a brand new benelli super Vinci 12 G at cabelas for 1499.00 plus tax. Aug, 4 2011. Beautiful case. Beautiful gun finish. The rep couldn't brag enough how the gun shot thousand of rounds in two days *in Argentina . Some kind of a video promo *they made. I took mine to the hills of Columbia , mo. Is not Argentina, but what the heck... I bought at Walmart 3 brands of ammo each for 22 bucks box of 100. Remington , Winchester , and federal. 2 3/4 inch regular clay target ammo. I shot fist box it jam 12 times. I load one in the chamber and 2 in the magazine. It will fire the one in the chamber , no problem, second will jam at a 75 degree angle before entering the chamber. I thought it needs to break in. My disappointment started after 150 rounds I was shooting basically single shots because it was constantly jamming. I call the *guys at the shogun range, with years of *experience shooting at the range, first guy told me you have to hold the gun tight, not like a girl, ok I said, *you try it. He did, no change , gun still jamming. He called another *guy. He came over and told me, *it needs to be well lube. He lube it to the point the *lube dripping everywhere. He shot it with same results. It will jam on average every second *to third round. A old timer that was looking at us with a smirk in his face told me, you are using weak loads. He load *3 inch heavy load Winchester ammo. No change after 12 rounds it jam 4 times. He turn around and ask me , how much you pay for this thing? His smirk turn into a big laugh. There u go, if you think benelli can't release a defective product, get a super Vinci , once you fired it you can't return it. You can't find that there is a problem until you fire it. What a scam. When i bought a car in 1970 u was very carefully with the engine need since *it to break in for few thousand miles , 2011 and a gun can't shoot well out of the box? Don't buy Argentina marketing, *is just that, marketing.

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S**T happens, even with Benellis. Did you think to contact Benelli customer service? Bet they can reverse the cycling problem...or if the gun is really "junk", bet they'd replace it. Did you call Cabelas or contact them for a warranty repair? My hunting partner bought a Super Vinci two months ago and hasn't had the hint of a problem with it...as a matter of fact he can shoot 1oz target loads, which surprized me, and he now swears by it...shoots trap, sporting clays and occasionally skeet...never a problem. Like I said, s**t happens sometimes..if you don't like it, get it fixed and sell it.


I had a lab once that wasn't worth two cents in the field, wouldn't retrieve and didn't care much for cold water. I didn't give up on her though, worked with her for over a year and now she can make 100 yard blind retrieves and loves her little neoprene vest. She wasn't very good "out of the box" but with a bit of maintenance and training I'm happy as a lark.


Don't let this "bump in the road" get to you...give Benelli a chance to right the wrong. I'd bet you're not a quitter!

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