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New R1 Owner-Need specific cleaning procedure

range rat

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Hello friends,

I just bought a used R1 (in 300 WM and 30-06). I'd like to get it cleaned up to my standard and would like to see if any of the forum members have suggestions that would be helpful to me. Please be specific with what cleaning tools you use.

My thanks

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Congrats on you new R-1,, don't really take anything special as far as tools goes. I like to use a punch or allen wrench to remove the piston nut, but you can use the end of the barrel nut that holds on the foregrip. The key I found is to NEVER put it away with cleaning the gas piston.


This thread will get you started PM me with any questions. I have shot mine a lot, in rain and near salt water.




Good Luck



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Hi Steve,

Thanks for tip on gas piston. How do you approach cleaning the bore? I have been a bolt action guy and am used to inserting a bore guide. With this semi-auto, I am guessing I need to use a bore snake. What say you?


I use a bore snake in the field, but take it apart and remove the bolt and clean it with a carbon fiber rod from the breach once I get home. I store mine with it broken down, not sure if they have improved the gas piston since I bought mine in 2005, but I have had it get stuck together and just found it better to keep the barrel and receiver apart.


Read the entire gas piston thread,, I have photos of how I clean mine using a boreguide.



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