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  1. Great tip. I will order some now. My R1 has served me well. Have taken a number of whitetails with it, the last one was a 240 yard shot from a tower start on a cold but windless November morning in South Carolina. I get a lot of compliments about the rifle topped with a Trijicon scope from fellow hunters, especially the guys in law enforcement who I think like the tacticool look of it.
  2. http://www.benelliusa.com/store/R1-Magazines/-270-WSM----300-WSM-R1-Magazine--p114.html
  3. Nice safe shot and quick kill. Congrats. He looks like a bruiser.
  4. Great buck. At what range did you take him with the R1? I am taking my R1 deer hunting in two weeks for the first time.
  5. range rat

    R1 barrel

    I have an R1 with a 30-06 barrel and an extra 300WM barrel that I haven't yet tried. The 300 WM is the same matte finish as the 30-06. I plan to use the 300 WM on a boar hunt I am going on next month. Gonna bring home the bacon figuratively and literally.
  6. Sent it via email, Cliff. Glad to help.
  7. I bought mine used, knowing it couldn't out-shoot my AR or bolt action. But I wanted it for a 100 yard deer gun and it's plenty accurate for that.
  8. Well, that's progress. I am sure that Benelli will test fire your rifle before they ship back to you so you should be all set. Have fun with the redone rifle.
  9. Interesting shotgun. Contact me with more information at [email protected] Thanks David
  10. I spoke with Benelli customer service today and they suggested to check with Numrich (which I did, same o-ring, over $9) or authorized dealers. I'll ask my gunsmith about it and report back. I seriously doubt that the o-ring is made of anything special but I could be wrong. Oh, I also requested and received an electronic document from Benelli that is a detailed schematic of the R1 with all parts and part numbers listed and illustrated. If anyone wants a copy, PM me with your email address and I will send it to you. The document is entitled "ARGO Spare Parts List" if you request it fro
  11. Hello Friends, I put high rings and scope on my new (used) R1 and ordered a high comb which should arrive this week. Could someone tell me how to swap out current comb with the high one? Is it as easy as pulling it off and snapping new one in, or is there a technique or trick to it? Thanks
  12. Hi Shooters, I recently bought an R1 and promptly disassembled and cleaned very thoroughly. The two o-rings attached to the gas assembly (I think the specific part is the gas collector cylinder) were in good shape but I thought I would buy some extras. Went on the Brownell's site and found an item number for "R1 O-Rings" and ordered it for 6.67 (with my C&R discount) thinking "gee I wonder how many o-rings will be in the packet. Well, I got one o-ring (gee thanks). Seems a bit steep, so I am wondering what you R1-experienced guys do to source these o-rings at a more reasonable cost.
  13. Steve, I read the entire thread, took notes on cleaning approach and am headed to Sears to buy some lock ring pliers today. Will report back on progress. Thanks again for all your help. David
  14. Hi Steve, Thanks for tip on gas piston. How do you approach cleaning the bore? I have been a bolt action guy and am used to inserting a bore guide. With this semi-auto, I am guessing I need to use a bore snake. What say you?
  15. Hello friends, I just bought a used R1 (in 300 WM and 30-06). I'd like to get it cleaned up to my standard and would like to see if any of the forum members have suggestions that would be helpful to me. Please be specific with what cleaning tools you use. My thanks
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