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Which MR1 friendly magazines are the most friendly?

Andrew Hoffman

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Upon doing research on the MR1 before deciding to purchase, I have run across a review that points out that only the factory 5-capacity mag was flawless.



Only the factory five-round mag dropped free reliably. [...] the aforementioned 20 and 30-round M16 magazines are absolutely essential to the MR1′s main mission. They must function flawlessly going in, staying in, feeding and leaving the rifle.

Truth be told, the MR1 only likes certain magazines. I attribute the MR1′s single failure to feed (noted above) to a Brownells magazine. As Guns & Ammo also discovered, the Magpul P-Mag is not the MR1′s friend, due to its mid-level (rather than baseplate) lip. Anyone considering the MR1 for home defense is well-advised to do some online and in-store mag-compatibility research before purchasing this gun.


They later go on to mention that the factory mag "handles like a Ferrari". My next question, if Benelli corp. reads these forums:


Is Benelli looking to address this issue with the next generation of the MR1?

Additionally, does Benelli ever plan to produce extended 20-30 round magazines for the Benelli MR1? I wouldn't even mind if they only work flawlessly in the MR1 as long as it "handles like a Ferrari". :)


Next question for experience MR1 owners:

Which mags have you guys found to be the most MR1 friendly?

What troubles have you guys found with the MR1's standardized M-16 clip when it comes to going in, staying in, feeding and leaving the rifle?


Any advice is much appreciated! I very much look forward to owning one of these babies! ... that is, if these clip issues aren't too big of a deal.

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