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2011 Spring Turkey Season


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Good morning,

I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I make a few mistakes :)


I decided last yr that I was going to get over my fear of the shotgun.. lol I wanted to take up turkey, duck, and goose hunting.. Soo a shotgun was a must. I researched... looking for what I thought was the very best choice for me... The Vinci was and is the winner. My dear husband gave me a brand new Vinic for Christmas and YES we went to the range on Christmas day to try her out. It was there and then I named her "Mona"


Spring Turkey season finally arrived. I was soo excited and still am.. lol


Here's my story:


It was a good morning up on the mountain.... We climbed up there after Isaac left for school. Brad set up the decoys (affectionately named Ted Nugent and Tiffany). We sat quietly for a couple of mins... as we watched the morning sun burn the fog off the meadow. Brad sent out a call...... Booming from the distance came that distinctive answer from a gobbler. He would raise his head out of the grass with mouth gaped open looking for that special someone. He spied our decoys.... Ted standing ever so proud and life like with full tail displayed and Tiffany in a feeding position. The gobbler wasted no time making his way over... I was ready... Pulled Mona up ...placed that red dot right on the head and pulled her trigger. She thundered and rose to the occasion. The Gobbler met his match and fell to the ground. The whole thing didn't take more than 15 mins. and he weighed in at 17lbs.


Now I am waiting for the fall season.

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Correction... Ok you guys can call me a dork now for sure.. DUH! I wanted the speed bead but it wouldn't fit.... I got the Burris Fast Fire holographic instead... IT is waterproof. My eyes aren't as good as they use to be and I had to get glasses this yr. It takes a while getting use to bifocals you know. This is why... I had to have the new site.


Thank you Mike,


I hunt in Orford, NH near our house. I have had turkeys come to my wild bird feeders... but have no plans of shooting one in my front yard.. I never realized just how much fun it is... SOOO exciting when they answer the call.. see them run out into the field displaying their beautiful fan tails... I am hooked ... line and sinker.. lol We got a primos tom turkey decoy... They are the best in my opinion. Love being able to raise and lower his tail.. turn him on the stake.. with a pull string which also lets you know... how far your turkey is from you. So life like I tell you... love that decoy. Remember that old commerical.. (telling my age here) Try it .. You'll like it... Well it applies here.


I originally wanted a speed dot scope for my Vinci... but it wouldn't fit. Purchased a Burris red dot scope instead .... turns out the Burris is water proof... soo I couldn't be happier with my shotgun. :) I would like to have a Benelli hat though ;)

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Fantastic. I am an avid turkey hunter in Wi. and the U.P. of Mi. I hunt with an SBE l that has an Aimpoint red dot on it. I did buy a BPS 10ga. last year, and am looking forward to smoking one with that rig this year. There are plenty of turkey hunters on this site and a lot of info to be had. Good luck, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike

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I don't want one anymore life like.... I am afraid of getting shot by another hunter trying to shoot my decoy as it is.... and while I am touching on that subject.. there is a new deer decoy that is well.. unbelievably realistic. I can't remember the name of it right now. I will ask my husband when he gets out of the woods.. (he's bow hunting this morning) I was going to ask for one for Christmas since they aren't cheap... But my husband pointed out that it would be too dangerous to use during rifle season. So scratched that off my wish list since I don't bow hunt... umm yet.. lol


I found it : Carry-Lite® EZ-Buck HD Deer Decoy

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Thank you. It was a wonderful experience I shared with my family. I hope to have many more. Our 9yr old son will be hunting with us next spring :) since he proved himself to be very comfortable and accurate shooting his dad's 270 at the range. I was concerned how he would handle the recoil. He did just fine .. in fact he out shot Brad...lol I am also proud to say he is pulling back 42lbs with his bow and hitting well within the kill zone at 20 yards. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with. lol

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