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anyone have a good source for a M2 Barrel?

Mike Dunne

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Actually - I just bought one...to put on my Benelli M1 only to discover i needed a different forend - so I bought a M1 barrel instead.


So...I have a barrel that has been installed on my gun but not shot...I have the original box and a choke tube (I will check to see what it is if you are interested). There is a slight mark where the barrel slides into the receiver - like a rub mark - which I put on while installing).


Would you be interested in my M2 barrel (28" matte blue, screw chokes)?


Your gain is my loss @ $450 shipped.


Let me know if you have an interest.





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Zack I am looking for the flat black one, I found a few for 450 plus shipping.

plus to be perfectly honest and not meaning to offend you I have an insecure feeling doing deals with someone with a low post count. I have been burnt before on a car audio forum and it wasn't pretty

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This is the flat black barrel.


I can take some pictures and send them directly to you if you like.


I have a low post count - I am new to the forum. I only discovered it in my search to buy a barrel for myself.


You can e-mail me directly or call me on my cell if you have any concerns.


I can do a little better on the barrel if you like price wise.


I am a stand-up guy and not out to screw anyone.


Let me know if you have any interest.



[email protected]


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