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  1. what he said is true. I have an m1 m2 and m4 and I have switched my barrels between both guns and I have a 28" m2 barrel that I had on my m1 for turkey hunting
  2. funny I am looking for a 26" barrel for my M1 hk tactical. I have swapped barrels between my M1 and my M2 so I know they work
  3. I hav problems logging in unless I use facebook and since the government is tracking gun owners on fb I try not to drag them here
  4. Zack thanks for the pictures. I just swapped my M2 barrel onto my M1 and back both forearm worked on both barrels on both guns
  5. Zack I am looking for the flat black one, I found a few for 450 plus shipping. plus to be perfectly honest and not meaning to offend you I have an insecure feeling doing deals with someone with a low post count. I have been burnt before on a car audio forum and it wasn't pretty
  6. or should I just try to buy another shotgun for doves birds?
  7. if I could only be half the man and Craftsman kip is I would be a happy man.
  8. I think the M4 is out as I am flying back through Miami, and I will have an M4 for hogs, a sig 45 for just because and the shotgun
  9. All I have are 18" barrels so which one and which choke?
  10. I use the winchester ranger t loads from SGammo for HD. actually the m4 is my last gun to grab. I always have my sig 220r on my but my first grab out of the safe would be a M4 in 6.8 or a scar 17
  11. I like the LaRue padded tactical with quick connectors on my rifles
  12. I ordered mine and my tube on 6-11 and I think its in the next patch to ship
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