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Oiling SBE trigger


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I know this is going to be a shocker for many, but my SBE is still not cycling lighter loads. Since I put in my Sure-Cycle I've shot maybe 100+ slugs and 3 1/2 turkey loads. I've also gone against SRM's instructions and lubed the recoil assembly with some militec. Comparing it to my friend's 2000+ rounds SBE my recoil spring is a little stiffer and has a "spring sound" when pulled back.


What I have noticed it where my bolt begins cocking the trigger it becomes stiff, and is about where it hangs up on that second shell. I have only been oiling the contact surfaces where the trigger and bolt meet.


What is the recommended method, if any, of oiling the trigger assembly? I know I could spray it down good with remoil, but I'm a little hesitant since I hunt in some pretty cold/wet environments and have heard of it freezing.


I should also note that Allen Timney did some work on the trigger to lighten the pull and remove creep. I can't imagine this would have anything to do with it. Common sense tells me it might be the total lack of oil.

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