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  1. Today was the opener for KY fall shotgun turkey.
  2. Mudhen, Are the Primos Dead Zone chokes be suitable for Blackcloud shot?
  3. This is my pup's first hunting season. The goose needed some coaching, as I expected, but she retrieved the woodies like a champ.
  4. So, there I was hunting an early turkey quota draw at Land Between The Lakes this past Thursday. I went back up to my truck around noonish where I was camping to get the latest from the weather radio and some lunch, when low and behold the Godfathers of Kentucky turkey hunting, Knight and Hale, roll up in an unmarked truck. We chatted about the lack of gobbling, the high winds, and the severe weather on the way.....and how I should probably pack up my tent and get the **** out before I was killed by a falling tree. Harold was in the front passenger seat and David was behind him. The driver was a familiar looking older gentleman and there was a younger guy behind him with some camera gear, but I don't know who either were. Anyway, it's not something you expect to happen when you're out by yourself in the middle of nowhere. Super nice guys. I've met Harold before at a few hunting expos around here, but not David. They both have a deep history with turkey hunting at LBL. Oh yeah, I didn't see a single bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hevi-13 again, or did you go back to Win ER???
  6. I was 4" high and 4" apart at 50 yards with 100gr and dead center with 150gr. Are you using 777 primers? I forgot to clean mine after the unloading shot for four days (oops), and even though it was white and crusty, it still cleaned up very easily. I agree about CVA. The gun is short, light, accurate, has a pretty good trigger, and very easy to clean and operate. For $140 I am thinking about buying my dad one to get him out in the woods more often with me.
  7. 150gr (pellets) of 777 with 295gr Powerbelt hollow point. I've been cleaning it after 3 shots and it wasn't that dirty, so I think at least 5 shots would be fine. It punched them right through the bull's eye out of the box with no adjustment of the sights. It's not the prettiest gun and I had to tighten the stock after a few shots, but for $140 I'm very pleased. It has a camo spray painting job in its very near future.
  8. I bought a CVA Wolf this year. The price was right and it is really accurate with open sights at 50 yards, which is as far as I've shot it and probably will ever shoot it.
  9. Alright QuakerBoy -- I roosted 3 gobblers tonight whilst muzzle loader hunting for deer. According to my hunting partner they have been roosting in the same tree for the past two weeks. Is there a break-up/call-back strategy or should I ambush them on their way to roost? Next weekend is our gun opener. I'm pretty sure I already killed two of their brothers!!!
  10. It was 3 hens, maybe a hen and 2 jennys. I started with soft clucks and got answered with some yelps, then a kee kee and answered with an assembly call, then I tried to beat the hen out of her assembly call. After they went the other direction I tried to head them off for a fresh break, but the terrain would have required rappelling gear. Wayne National Forest can be pretty unforgiving. KY gun season is in less than two weeks.
  11. I was able to get my pup to bust up a small flock at sunset. I called back in forth in the morning but nothing came in. We...actually I...also flushed a grouse. That was pretty cool since I haven't seen them around for quite some time. It would have been better if the dog had found the grouse or scented the turkeys. She doesn't seem to be using her nose much. Maybe she doesn't know how to yet, or maybe she doesn't have much of a nose. She's still young so hopefully it will all work out.
  12. I had a well known gunsmith work my trigger with pretty good results, however, after reading that douchebag post on the NWTF forum I'm not telling you who did it.
  13. I'm going out this weekend in Southeast Ohio. It is basically a training weekend for my dog, so my hopes aren't that high. Maybe we'll kick up some grouse and turkeys, maybe we won't.
  14. I grew up in a slug only state (Ohio) and still hunt there every year. The southern portion of Ohio is very similar in terrain to where I hunt with a rifle in central Kentucky. I recently read a report, which I can't site, that stated rifle bullets in general don't travel or ricochet much farther than slugs in wooded areas while fired in hunting conditions. If the data in the article is sound then I would like to see at least the southern porting of the state allow rifles. Todd -- I have an Ithaca 37 smooth bore that is bottom ejection that will clover leaf at 75 yards. I've never shot a deer with it past 30 yards so I comment on long range effectiveness. Great gun!!!
  15. I might be an interested buyer if you're selling.
  16. 69beers

    SBE II Slugs??

    Winchester Platinum Tips.
  17. I really like it for turkey, predator, and deer with my slug barrel. The down side is that I've stripped the screw holes (SBE I) in the field stock from repeatedly taking it off to change stocks. It would also be nice to have a Limbsaver recoil pad that fits it. The pad that comes with it doesn't do much.
  18. Woodhaven mouth, slate, and box. HS lil' deuce when it's raining.
  19. I have tried both in my SBE. The .660 patterned Win HV & XR much better. Some lady at Rhino told me to get the .673. I did and it shot about a foot to the right and didn't pattern as good as my Kicks .655. When I called to send it back Joe told me I should have ordered the .660 in the first place.
  20. We used to shoot M2's at night in the desert with lots of tracers. Those things would ricochet off the ground and go FOREVER. It seemed like at least a mile or two.
  21. Does anyone here hunt fall turkeys with a dog?
  22. There is nothing respectful about either of your posts. Your ignorant and tasteless choice of words in a Memorial Day post is a slap in the face to those who didn't come home. As a Veteran, I'm offended and disgusted by what you've written, and even more so by your sorry attempt to cover it back up. The other Veteran who started this post to honor our fallen brothers didn't ask for your political views or any type of thanks. If you really want to thank a Veteran, dead or alive, just say nothing and keep to yourself next Memorial Day....it's only one day a year.
  23. 69beers

    SBE II question

    After having mine do the infamous "click" on a turkey.....I'm damn glad (and lucky) it was a turkey and not a bear.
  24. How do Montana turkeys get syphilis?? If you still have the head you may want to put it in the freezer until you can get it to a state wildlife biologist. If you gutted it, did the entrails look somewhat normal (since it was a bow kill) or were they scabby as well? Oh yeah, and wash your hands too.
  25. No pics. I think it put all the shot in a 24" circle at 50 yards.
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