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Problem with MR1 locking bolt back after few rounds.


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I just got an MR1 about a week and a half ago.


Problem I am having with it, is that after every few rounds (usually 1-3 rounds) it locks the bolt back like if the mag would be empty.


It does this with the stock 5 rounds mag, and other 20 and 30round metal M4 mags and even a PMGA I tried. Probably shot 200 rounds of PP M193 and Federal XM193 through it to make sure it's not an ammo or magazine issue. Even shot some 40gr frangible .223 just in case.

Same with all ammo.


Recoil is amazingly little and I like the rifle, but not sure why this is happening. Almost seems like the Last Round Bolt Hold open is locking back the bolt after every few rounds. It's not misfeeding, I checked every time.


I noticed the bolt release is lose as heck when not engaged. There is no force holding it down, so maybe during recoil from firing it jumps up and locks the bolt back.


Anyone have any other ideas?


Does anyone have a parts diagram for the rifle , specifically the trigger group? I also don't have the Manual for the rifle and Benelli still doesn't have it on their website. Does anyone have it scanned by any chance? :cool:


Thanks in advance.



ps. I called Benelli Customer support and they are supposedly checking on this, but who knows. I rather not have to send in

the rifle for repair if it's something simple like a spring missing or something. LOL

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