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SBE II LH "Hanging Up" or "Stove Piping"


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This is my first post to the forum, and I'm unsure of my post title terminology, as well as how much information you all need to try and determine what is wrong with my shotgun.


My SBE II has been occasionally (10 out of 25 shells) hanging up. I'm unsure what makes this happen and can't reference a particular instance. For example, only 3" and 3.5" ammo hangs, jams, or "stovepipes" (see below images and reply with what this is actually called), BUT it is not every shot. The problem is not brand specific either. Black Cloud 3" and 3.5" and Winchester High Velocity 3" and 3.5" both hang up to about the same ratio as I stated above.


I've heard possible causes are: not shouldering the gun well, ejector spring, etc.


I need any help, information, solutions, etc.


Thanks, Jay

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I have LH SBE2 and had similar problems. I found that I was not shouldering the gun properly. You must have it tight to your shoulder. Recently, I hunted in extreme rainy conditions and I thought I cleaned the gun properly. However, I had a couple improper cycling issues on the next duck hunt. I broke the gun the down abd clean with "Break Free" and it solved that problem.

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