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How to "Tear off charging bolt" when stripping R1 for cleaning

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I have tried following step 5, figure 31 on the manual, but I not having any success. How do you get the arming bolt off so that I may remove the bolt to clean? I have tried pulling, twisting, threatening its heritage, but nothing gets this off.


Your help is appreciated.


BTW have the R1 338 Winchester mag.. Nice firing weapon.


Thank you.

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The barrel/receiver & bolt assembly must be removed from the rifle. When the assembly is removed, the bolt can be moved further rearward than it can while attached to the rifle. Move the assembly rearward while pulling on the charging handle.


There is a notch in the receiver assembly that allows the charge handle to be removed. When the notch and charge handle are lined up, the charge handle pulls free fairly easy.



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