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  1. The barrel/receiver & bolt assembly must be removed from the rifle. When the assembly is removed, the bolt can be moved further rearward than it can while attached to the rifle. Move the assembly rearward while pulling on the charging handle. There is a notch in the receiver assembly that allows the charge handle to be removed. When the notch and charge handle are lined up, the charge handle pulls free fairly easy. David
  2. Canazes9

    R1 in 308

    Benelli dropped all the short action cartridges in the the R1 platform. The R1 is a long action platform, chambering in a short action platform doesn't provide any benefit over a long action counter part as the rifle will not be any shorter or lighter. I cannot see any benefit to purchasing an R1 in 308 over 30-06 - the 30-06 will weigh the same, be the same length and have very soft recoil while the additional powder capacity will push the chosen bullets slightly faster. Additionally, cheap, accurate bulk ammunition is readily available for the 30-06 just like the 308. As to why they dropped them, I can only speculate but I would assume it's the #1 reason in situations like this - they didn't sell very well.... David
  3. Nice Buck! Congratulations! David
  4. 1 in 11 twist rate will stabilize just about any hunting weight bullets commonly available in the 338win. It will certainly stabilize 250 grain bullets and have heard of people achieving good stabilization w/ 1 in 11" and 300 grain bullets. Don't over think it, buy the ammunition you want and test it in your rifle to see how it shoots.... David
  5. I was wondering the same thing! - I was also thinking getting it back in was going to be a challenge. Glad you got it back together and thanks for posting this thread. I definitely learned something! David
  6. Damn i hate this forum - I posted this morning, said it needed mod approval to post. I assumed it would be up shortly... One more try, this time using the jacked up image attachment that this forum approves of: The piece goes where you think it does, 180deg different rotation then what you're showing. [ATTACH=CONFIG]984[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]985[/ATTACH]
  7. When I saw where you were planning on sticking that ring I thought, "NO". Disassembled my rifle again to take pictures to show you were wrong and what do you think I found... There it is, apparently it is a reinforcement for where the hot gasses are bed from the barrel - the gap in the ring is should be oriented about 180deg different than shown in your pic. I learned something new for sure! I don't understand how it came out, hope it's not too difficult to put back in place. Please let us know. David
  8. Pictures aren't opening, please try 'em again or pm me. I will check my rifle and take pictures for you... David
  9. Ok, now I don't know what to say! I was thinking that it must be a smaller part than that, but w/ a quarter in the picture for perspective.... I just disassembled my rifle again (I have two R1's have had them apart many, many times...), spent 5-10 minutes looking over the rifle and looking at the parts diagrams. I don't see where that part could have come from the R1, it's definitely not on the parts list and there are a limited number of places in the rifle where a part of that size and shape could be and it's not there on my rifle. Which leads me to.... Are you sure that came out of your rifle? Maybe it was on the bench, unseen and got knocked during disassembly leading you to believe it fell out? Have you attempted to put the rifle together w/o it? Does everything appear to function properly? David
  10. I have no idea! Take pictures from a different angle, include something in the picture for perspective (a quarter, etc.) Take pictures of your rifle assembly. We'll figure it out.... David
  11. Canazes9

    R1 Sling

    My sling recommendation - A-1 Murray quick set sling: http://www.murraycustomleather.com/slings.htm You need it 6" longer than the standard length for the R1. I have one for my son's R1 and my R1 and really like them. Nice to be able to adjust the length for several different types of field carry on the fly and have the adjustment hold. No trouble with swivel - it won't loosen the forearm nut. The sling comes w/ QD mounts, removes in seconds for cleaning/bench rest shooting, etc. David
  12. Canazes9

    Wsm in r1

    Agreed. Now as to why the 300WSM wasn't selling well in the Benelli R1 line-up? Well as mentioned before, the receiver is the same size and weight in the R1 line-up regardless of caliber, so their is no "short action" caliber benefit. All of the WSM cartridges had varying degree of feed problems (in all action types, not just the R1) due to the rebated rim design. The 300WSM has less case capacity than the 300 win magnum and has no where near the number of available factory loads. The 300WM is the clear winner in this platform. David
  13. Not familiar w/ that mount. If there is a difference in thickness in the base under the front ring compared to the back ring, the thicker area should be under the rear ring, the thinner under the front ring. Same way with factory rail. If you have run out of vertical adjustment and the gun is still shooting low, raising the rear of the scope will lower the crosshairs compared the bullets point of impact. It can be difficult to determine if the rail is thicker on one end or the other just eyeballing it, it's only going to be different by a few thousands of an inch (small changes on the rifle produce large effects 100 yards down range). If the rail is flat w/ no difference in thickness front to back, I would sent it back and use the factory rail. The only shimming option you have at this point is to shim inside the rear ring. I have used that on 22's and air rifles, but that's a mighty poor "fix" for a high power hunting rifle - the recoil will eventually cause the shim to shift affecting POI. HTH David
  14. Canazes9

    New R1

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy yours as much as my son & I have ours! My favorite additions are my Murray A1 quick set rifle sling and my Trijicon Accupoint scope: http://www.murraycustomleather.com/slings.htm If you order an A1 tell Dick you need it 6" longer than his standard A1, that's what mine is: The R1 is an accurate rifle, but both mine and my sons required 100+ rounds down the barrel before it started to tighten up. I would buy 2 or 3 boxes of cheap winchester white box 150grn soft points and shoot them all before I even bothered to work on finding the best load for your rifle. The R1 does not like to be rested on the end of the forestock, rest it closer to the receiver for better results. Also keep in mind that is a really thin barrel and heats up quickly - give it time to cool between shots if you want tight groups. Both my rifle and my son's rifle are 30.06's, they both shoot MOA w/ Hornady SST 150 grn bullets, a load that also works well on deer and the countless hogs we have here in Texas (and the occasional coyote;)) - might give them a try in your rifle and see if they work for you. HTH David
  15. Congratulations on your new R1! Yes, medium rings will work just fine w/ a 56mm bell when using the factory supplied picatinny rail: Truly you don't "need" a 56mm objective for low light hunting, most any quality glass will work well. What the big bell buys you is the ability to use higher magnification in lower light, which can be useful when shooting open fields and the like (as is sometimes required when night hunting hogs). I've owned and used many upper medium tier scopes, also have had the opportunity to look through and use many others from friends. Truly the Trijicon accupoint series is one of the best bargains in the business. The fiber optic system provides an infinitely adjustable illuminated dot that is always at "just right" brightness levels. Great glass for the money, equal to comparably priced systems without the fiber optics illuminated reticle. The R1 excels as a hog rifle, hope you enjoy yours! David
  16. There is no real advantage that I'm aware of until you get to the big bears. Some people debate even the 338 for the big bears preferring something more like the 375 H&H. If you check out the thread that Steve posted, you will find numerous bears that Steve took w/ his 300 Win, however when he finally shot the barrel out in his 300 Win, he opted to go for a more powerful caliber. For anything short of the big bears or the occasional big bear w/ a guide the 300 Win would probably be the better choice. HTH David
  17. This has been debated here before - the calibers are virtually identical in performance, a miniscule edge in velocity w/ heavy bullets going to the 300Win over the WSM. If you search the web you will find a lot of theoretcal BS about the short/fat cased WSM being more accurate - it's been tested to death and that's just what it is, a theory. In the real world shooting comparable rifles there is no appreciable accuracy difference. In a bolt action rifle, the shorter cased WSM's make for a slightly shorter/lighter rifle than their 300Win mag counterparts, at the expense of having reduced cartridge feeding reliability due to the rebated rim and steep shoulder angles. In the Benelli R1 the 300WSM appears to be pure stupidity: The action and rifle length are identical in the 300Win vs the 300WSM so you get decreased feed reliability w/ no decrease in OAL length or weight. Several folks on this forum that have shot more than 1 box of ammunition from their R1's have managed to get pretty decent accuracy (1-1.5 MOA), however, R1's are NOT match rifles - nor were they designed to be. As such any difference in accuracy between the calibers (which hasn't proven out in any actual field testing) is negligible. 300WSM is more available now than when it first came out, but 300Win has far more factory loads available and is easier to find. The gap will continue to grow as the WSM's become obsolescent in the future. Apparently Benelli agrees as the WSM offerings have been discontinued in 2011 - the R1's are now available only in 30-06, 300Win and 338Win (new this year). I'm sure you can find a 300WSM somewhere in stock, but I would stick w/ the 300Win, it's the clear winner in this platform. David
  18. Your post is antagonistic, not to mention childish. Glad to hear your done posting about it. David
  19. I have known and dealt w/ the dealer that sold me my R1's for 15+ years. He has treated me fairly (and then some) on numerous firearm purchases through the years. He doesn't keep firearms in his shop that he can't sell. He has sold more than 16 R1s out of his shop in the last few years - most to regular customers. I bought my first R1 based on his recommendations - recommendations formed by talking to his repeat customers and there experiences w/ their rifles. All of his customers are delighted w/ their rifles and contrary to the opinions commonly expressed on this forum they are pleased w/ their rifles accuracy. I believe that the folks that post problems w/ their rifles accuracy are in fact experiencing these problems and it is a problem w/ the rifles not user error. Anything mechanical will have problems - there will problem R1s that seemingly can't be fixed. You need to stop and consider how many people buy a factory hunting rifle, have it function the way they expected to and then subsequently search for the Benelli forum and post glowing reports. Typically its the folks with problems that are posting - seeking answers. I read your post very well, and now w/ this post your meaning is plain. You almost did, so you think others did (no, not me - all the good groups recently posted on this board from others....) What's even funnier is that you "KNOW" you must be right because you have read enough here to know you are not alone - hmmm seems like you are really selective about what you choose to believe when you read it on this forum. David
  20. Let me get this straight - if someone posts a group that meets your definition of acceptable accuracy and says they shot it w/ a Benelli R1 they are liars and shot those groups w/ another rifle just so they wont have to admit their Benelli doesn't shoot? What an emotional, childish accusation. David
  21. I do not believe that you can get higher capacity magazines for the magnum R1's. 10 round magazines are available from Numrich for the 30-06 and 308: http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Detail.aspx?pid=981640&filter=Benelli+r1&catid=0 http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Detail.aspx?pid=957880&filter=Benelli+r1&catid=0 They offer the regular 3 round magazines only for the magnum chamberings. David
  22. Yes and no. I practice some off hand, however I know from prior experience in my younger days its just not practical for me for anything outside of 100yards. I practice kneeling shots and sitting shots a good bit - practical rests that can be assumed in most hunting conditions very quickly. I can count on hitting a pie pan to 200 yard every time from a sitting position (actually probably more like 300), perhaps 150 - maybe 200 from a kneeling position. Generally speaking if my target is 100+ yards I've got time to find a more stable shooting arraingment - either propped up on a tree or other available cover or assume a solid sitting position. Position shooting must be practiced for it to be natural and quick, but is surprisingly easy w/ a little practice. David
  23. Accuracy results seem to vary a lot depending on who you talk to. My son and I both own wood stocked R1's, 20" Barrels, 30-06. Both shot about 1.5" w/ their preferred ammunition when new, groups as big as 4-5" w/ ammunition they didn't like (Anything over 165 grns...). I've put many hundreds of rounds down my barrel and my son probably has about 200 now. My rifle will very consistently put 3 shots inside of an inch on target, sometimes much better. My sons rifle has shrunk to about 1.25". Definitely noticed accuracy improvements w/ more rounds fired (not that unusual for any rifle...) Both of our rifles shoot the best w/ 150 grn loads. Both rifles seem to like Hornady 150grn SSTs very well, which work great for anything we hunt in Texas. For cheaper loads, the Winchester power points shoot noticeably better than the core lokts. Also the 150 grn PP shoot to the same POI as the Hornady SST's - just not quite as tight. Try some different ammunition and put some rounds down range before you get to concerned about group size. David
  24. You are absolutely right! David
  25. Group of 4 came to out where I was sitting. 3 blacks and a brown. Shot the black in the picture 1st, the others scattered - brownie ran the wrong way and I caught her while she was running w/ about a 1' lead in front of her nose at ~125 yards. Hit her a little far back, but the Hornady SST's rolled her up all the same. These pigs weighed about 35-40 pounds, great eating size! David
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