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    Been hunting and fishing my whole life. Last 30 years have been in Alaska. Done some guiding up here and lived in the bush for several years near Fairbanks and have lived in about 1/2 dozen villages from Barrow to Dillingham. Currently work on the North Slope near Deadhorse.
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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Like winter hunting and aviation. Fishing also.
  1. Just got a price from Brownells of $116.07 each plus shipping and will take 2 to 4 weeks to get them from Benelli!
  2. Mann & sons gave a price of $90.00 each and said Benelli is shipping them on request, they have 16 in stock only. The folks at Mann's were on the spot and very helpfull and quick to look into the matter with Benelli. Brownells was freindly but have not heard back from them yet. Guess Manns will be who I order them from.
  3. I may have to move to Canada if BHO gets relected in USA and gets his gun control policys in place. Good thing for you Canadians to finally have something other then liberals passing laws. Just saved Canada Billions of dollars!
  4. Hey the wait is over, we can get spare magazines for the R1 in .338 win mag! They are 3 round mags and you can get them at Mann & Sons 618-357-2911 or at Brownells 800-741-0015. Benelli's part number for the magazines is 81420. Thats the good news! Now the bad news:mad: neither place has the items listed yet and are waiting on Benelli to get them heading there way as of today 15 Feb 2012. We have severall 338 R1 owners up here in Alaska that want spare magazines, I want 4 myself. Next thing I have hoped for and have asked Benelli for is a 5 round magazine for
  5. Oh thanks sent Midwest gun works an email if they have them I will he 4 of them!
  6. Always thought a clip was a metal frame or container that held cartridges for a magazine rifle or automatic pistol that was removable! And a magazine was a storage compartment for storage of ammunition built into the gun! My mistake!
  7. Emailed Benelli 2 months ago asking when, where, how can I get some extra clips for my .338 win mag R1! Not a word back from them as of 31 Dec 2011!!??? Anyone know if a guy can buy some clips?
  8. AKcaveman

    R1 in 308

    Thanks Canazes9 I see, I understand why they stopped making them. tucker301, what reliability issues have you had with ayour R1? I have the .338 WM R1 and have had no issues with over 200 rounds thru it, even with 20 rounds at -37f. Not one problem other then the safety button was stiff and loud at the cold temps. Solved the stiff problem, but cant seem to get the safety to quiet down.
  9. AKcaveman

    R1 in 308

    Looking for an R1 in 308! Why did they stop making them? Did they ever make any with comfortec stocks? Thanks.
  10. AKcaveman

    Gun oils

    Okay the cold hit and now have a result for a R1 with SLiP 2000 at -37f. Cold soaked for 4 hours and fired a box of 225 grain barnes over a 2 hour period worked flawlessly. The clean up after was a snap with the SLiP 2000 coating everything, carbon wipes right off. Did notice more carbon in the gas piston then at 20 F above. Do worry about the composite stock at colder temps, no give when its cold. The only flaw noted was the safety buttun was VERY LOUD and stiff, will make sure the original packing grease is cleaned out of the safety and try it with new SLiP 2000 in it.. Winter moose and cari
  11. AKcaveman

    Gun oils

    I am not sure what you mean by extreme cold, but I have been using SLiP 2000 on most of my rifles and shotguns with great success! It makes them easy to clean and have never had a problem in cold weather. I am doing some testing this winter on my R1 338 so far hunting down to -25f and soon -40f or colder. I like the winter hunts no bugs and no meat cooling problems, NO BEARS most the time!
  12. I guess reading my post I didn't state my group shot with the Barnes factory loads which were 1 1/2" groups. I did try 8 different kinds and sizes of bullets and brands with the Barnes constantly the best groups in my R1.
  13. I also have the R1 in 338 win mag and I am shooting the Barnes 225 grain tipped triple shocks. They feed fine and are accurate. I have a Swarovski 1.5 x 6 x 42 mounted on Tally alluminum lite wt one piece mounts. The rifle has been fired at -25 F and will try this winter to do some -50 F tests fireing. I do plan on loading and shooting the Tubbs Final Finnish to inprove the Accuracy of the barrel. I did put a muzzle brake on it From Wild West guns, not that it needed it but it did help with reaquiring the target with follow up shots. I really want some extra clips for the rifle, everyone has
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