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shotgun for the "old lady"


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My fiance and i enjoy shooting skeet with our friends... I am wanting to get something for her that is more comfortable and fits her better than my supernova. I was thinking that a 20 ga montefeltro with a youth stock would be ideal.


anyone have experience with a montefeltro and a fairly inexperienced shooter? or if you guys have other suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated.




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The biggest deal will be making sure ANY gun fits her correctly. Unless she's under 5' the MonteYouth might be too short. The normal monty might be the trick. My wife is 5' 3" and she shoots an M2 and loves it. But it took about 3 tries to get the gun to shim right. Now she'll run 100 rounds thru it at the clays course without any complaints about recoil or getting tired.


We have the MonteYouth for my 10 year old and it fits him exactly. In fact I just adjusted the shim/drop to fit him as he's grown about an inch and a half since he got the gun in July.

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thanks for the input... she is about 5'-5" average build... i wanted to make it a surprise. so you definitely think the youth stock is too short? or would it be in my best interest to get her professionally fitted before picking the wrong stock (as they are expensive)?

thanks again

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