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SBE II Chokes & Loads for Geese


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Hello all,


I'm currently mid goose season, and have been having trouble bringing down the big Westerns, as well as limited success with smaller Cacklers an Taves.. So here is my run down;


Open field, Decoys are set at about 25 to 35 yds. from Blind..


Using Kent Fast Steel 3 1/2" BB


Primos "D&P" Choke tubes, "D" is what I used yesterday...


Ive had good success, with these choke tubes, an Kent 3" 2's for ducks over decoys. But not doing to well with Geese, just not getting solid knock downs, an having to chase them down......



So what are your suggestions ??

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Geese are TOUGH!

You are probably getting body shots and not head shots. It's a fairly common issue with goose hunters, because they don't believe the birds are moving as fast as they are and they under-lead them.

I focus only on the head and shoot it as I would a dove. Same lead for distance.

If you thump them with a couple or three to the head and a couple more in the neck they are not going to get too far.

I've killed BIG Canadas at 35 yards with Black Cloud 4's this way.

Try to avoid shooting at the South end of Northbound geese altogether.

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