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Making new M4 buffer tube slots?


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First off, I want to say thanks to all the knowledgeable folks on here. I've been lurking around for a bit, gathering intel on the beloved M4. This age of information is insane. So much insight can be gained in a few nights of reading.


Heres where i am at. From the knowledge found around here, I have purchased an 11707, factory collapsable stock, a CarrierComp full length tube, CC follower, CC enhanced knob, and Giselle hammer. Probably grab some Freedom Fighter hand guards as well. I can't wait!


Anyways, I have been wondering about the three slot buffer tubes. I have zero experience with the LOP on them. I see most folks talk about using the fully extended position for factory iron sights and the middle position for the increased height of an electronic sight. I guess I'm curious if two slots is enough? Could there be more versatility with, say, four positions. Or, maybe six? Is cutting more slots into the tube even an option? Has anyone dine this? Maybe two positions is enough, but it seems like having a slot every half inch would be a great option(s). What say the hive?

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