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Benelli M4 with Mesa Urbino Stock with KZ Benelli M1/M4 Ambidextrous Sling Adapter?

Don Randall

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Urbino Stock: http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=159

KZ Ambi Sling Adapter: http://www.botachtactical.com/kzbeamslat.html


I'm a new Benelli M4 owner.

Considering the Urbino stock with KZ Ambi sling adapter:

- Will the KZ adapter fit on to the Urbino stock?

- Will the KZ adapter interfere with Urbino check riser?


Any pro/cons on KZ Ambi adapter on Benelli M4?


By chance, anyone have a Benelli M4 configured with Urbino and KZ Ambi with operational use?




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I'll answer my own question. I decided to go and buy the two items and see how it all comes out:


I installed the KZ Ambi Sling Adapter with a Mesa Urbino stock with no problems; there is no gap and the ambi adapter is a solid fit.


The Magpul MS2 sling system works great allowing ease of shifting from right hand to left hand shooting and back. The Magpul MS3 sling system does not work very well with the KZ Ambi Sling Adapter; will use MS3 with my S&W MP15T carbine and dedicate MS2 sling to the Benelli M4.


I have a SUREFIRE M80 picatinny rail system installed and added Magpul's Rail Sling Attachment (RSA). This way I can shift from single-pt sling setup to a 2-pt sling setup.


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