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  1. Don Randall

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    This is a good primer on Benelli M4 902r compliance: http://homedefenseweapons.net/947-benelli-m4-922r/
  2. Don Randall

    New M4 owner questions re Aimpoint mounting

    I have an Aimpoint Micro T1 on my M4 with a low mount LaRue quick detach (LT661 Short QD). Even with this low mount you will not be able to co-witness with iron sights; obviously you can easily see the front sight though the Aimpoint, but can't see to align with rear sight. However, the LaRue Quick Release easily detaches with use of one hand; therefore, if Aimpoint fails, then remove. If complete co-witnessing is your desire without an extra step detaching a malfunctioning red-dot, then use a Trijicon RMR style red dot.
  3. Don Randall

    M4 breach/stand off choke.

    Trulock Tactical Choke for Benelli. http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/choke-tubes-accessories/choke-tubes/12ga-tactical-mobilchoke-choke-tube-prod72023.aspx
  4. Don Randall

    Ammo Thread: What Are You Feeding Your Benelli?

    See this link: http://www.hornady.com/store/Superformance-Slugs
  5. Don Randall

    Ammo Thread: What Are You Feeding Your Benelli?

    I have not found any round (slugs, buck, steel, 3" magnum, etc.) that did not function properly. Primarily use Hornady brand. I've mixed buck and slug in the same magazine tube with no problems. I do clean the M4 after every range or hunting event and follow the recommended lubrication noted in the M4 manual. Note: I did have some feed issues for the first 100 rds from the M4, but I consider that a '"break-in" period event. For the break-in event use 00Buck.
  6. Don Randall

    922R compliance a waste of money?

    The law-abiding citizen follows and knows the rules [922r regulations, permits, ATF tax fees, background checks, SBR/SBS paperwork, federal firearms restrictions (i.e. gun free zones) etc.]. These same law-abiding citizens have to educate the police, lawyers and other citizens about their own rules. While educating, keep writing your Congressman and Senators about the over-regulated, out-of-control bureaucracy called the BATFE.
  7. Don Randall

    922R compliance a waste of money?

    Made my M4 922 compliant after adding Carriercomp magazine extension just to avoid any BATFE issues. I have witnessed what the BATFE has done to FFLs and individuals that are not in compliance with all their regulations, and it is not a pretty sight. Write your Congressman and Senators about all the out-of-date and unnecessary BATFE regulations.
  8. Don Randall

    Meprolight Night Sights

  9. Concur. When you clean the M4, visually check and run your finger over the areas for any protrusions that could empede the BCG.
  10. Don Randall

    Benelli M4 single point sling attachment/adapter options

    See: http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/29901-KZ-Benelli-M4-Ambidextrous-Sling-Adapter-opinions-Or-other-options
  11. Don Randall

    M4 Cycling Issues

    Agree with TD-Max. Clean, Lube, Shoulder, and Buckshot loads. By the way, the Benelli manual recommends cleaning and lubing after unpacking before any shooting. Semi-auto loader firearms all have some break-in needed IMHO. Some just a few rounds and some much more. My thumb-rule is one magazine's worth of ammo should be enough for a "break-in firing sequence".
  12. Don Randall

    SBS out of NFA jail

    If your state will allow, use of a trust is the best way to go for NFA class III items (i.e. avoid all the CLEO and fingerprint requirements). I used a lawyer (experienced in NFA rules) to draft the trust, and as well, the trust can be used for any items by just adding to the list of items. I not only have my NFA Class III items listed on the trust but all my firearms. I'm in Virginia and the wait time for class III items (SBS, SBR, Machine Guns and Silencers) is >10 months. Wait times in 2009-2010 were around 4 months. Demand for class III items have signifcantly risen in the past 4 years and the BATFE has done nothing to speed up the process; in fact, they use additional excuses like: government furfoughs, government shutdown and reduced budgets for >10 month wait times. All these rules for SBS, SBR and Silencers are so antiquated (NFA 1934 Law) given today's technology. Only the government could make it harder and more expensive.
  13. Don Randall

    M4 + Slugs?

    I use Improved Cylinder chokes wit TruLock Tactical, Calrsons Breecher and Briley Extended Ported chokes. I shoot rifled slugs (Reminton Slugger 1oz, primarily), and as well as, shot cheap and expensive ammo with no problems. No issue with low recoil ammo, after I had put about 100 rds through with 00Buck and slugs; that is, breaking-in the M4 in. I've mixed 00Buck/Slugs and 2 3/4" and 3" shells with no recycling issues. I have not or do I plan to shoot any sabots. As long as I feed the M4, it consistently shoots - exactly what you want in a versatile tactical/hunting/personal defense shotgun!
  14. Don Randall

    Tritiun ghost ring inserts

    Additional info: http://forum.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/29073-m4-front-sight?highlight=sight+nut
  15. Don Randall

    An example as to how stupid gungrabbers really are

    Stupidity, Ignorance, and Untrained leads to Unsafe. Review this picture and list how many of the 5 basic firearms safety rules are being violated. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2056[/ATTACH]