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SBE Question


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How much is the going rate on used SBE1's these days? I'm looking at one right now...looks to be in great shape with a new camo dip job for $899. Wondering if that is a good deal? Also is anyone here looking to sell one or trade one?


I currently own a SBEII and a Vinci. I am looking to sell the Vinci and acquire a SBEI for a backup/alternate gun.


Additionally I will likely use this gun for Spring Snows. I do not want to buy a tube extender...how will I know which models can float a shell on the receiver (allowing for 4-5 shells for spring snows).

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That seems like a good deal. Just depends on the condition of the gun. I bought a SBE back in 08 that was as close to "new" as you can get from a used gun. I paid 1050 for it. Check gunbroker.com and gunsamerica.com to give you a feel for what they are selling for these days. As far as floating a shell, with a little QuickSteel, a razor blade, and some fine steel wool, you can rig any SBE to float a shell. I think there is an earlier post on how it's done or google it.

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I have one for sale. Black synthetic 12 gauge 28in barrel. Had it done in duracoat this past season. In good working order. Only selling because I am getting the new model. Comes with all factory chokes and shims. $750 located nw pa. would ship for additional fee

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