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Shim Question on Vinci


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When I bought my Vinci supersport, I didn't have time to switch around the shims before I used it for a pheasant shoot. I did well at the shoot, but I felt I needed to "target in" my gun afterwards.


I used a fixed target at 45 yards and a stand to keep the shotgun steady. I found the shim "b" it was shipped with to be high and left. I found the "c" shim to be a little high, but pretty close to dead center. I used several shots and three chokes. I felt I had it perfect.


Here is my question. After I changed the shim, and targeted it in for my turkey hunting, I went pheasant shooting again. It wasn't my best day to say the least. Could it having to do with the shim change? In other words, would there be a difference in a moving shot (a bird in the air or skeet) vs. a fixed straight ( a turkey standing in front of my blind) as it pertains to a shim?


Could it have anything to do with the shim change? or was I just having an off day. I am new to this, and would enjoy any feedback as long, as it is constructive.

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Shooting a dynamic target (i.e., a flying bird) is very different from aiming at a stationary object.


If you were hitting birds and targets, and then had a problem when you altered the gun by changing the shims, I would say it was the change that is the problem. You should restore the gun to its configuration where you had better results.


It would not be unusual to require a different shim-setup for wing shooting (birds, trap, etc.) and stationary targets.



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Thank you. I thought I was going crazy.


I used to race cars, i.e. 24 hours of Daytona etc. I know we had different set ups not only for the car, but also for the driver. I thought this might be the same, but being unfamilar with the different shotgun and their set ups, I blame my ability first.


I will change it back for the another bird shoot/skeet shoot and if the shooting is bad, I know it is just me.


Thanks again.

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