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big ? please advise...imported shot gun extensions


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waiting for my super nova to arrive...purchased a Benelli +2 factory imported+2extension...will i be in trouble with 922 rule,or do i need to get a nordic extension american made or are both a no no and people are just taking a chance by adding an extension to an imported pump shot gun...please guide...



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"Any shotgun." So in order to make it compliant you'd need to change out 3 foreign made parts with U.S. made parts.

922 ®

The Imported Parts Law(1990)

178.39 otherwise known as 922® 10 Foreign parts law on semiauto Rifles & Shotguns


Sec. 178.39 Assembly of semiautomatic rifles or shotguns.

(a) No person shall assemble a semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun using more than 10 of the imported parts listed in paragraph © of this section if the assembled firearm is prohibited from importation under section 925(d)(3) as not being particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes.

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Reopening this back up. I'm putting a Nordic +2 on my SuperNova and I've already put a Mesa PG stock and Nordic follower on it. There are plenty of US made 922r replacement parts for the M4/M2/etc, but I've never really seen anything for the SuperNova like hammer, trigger, etc. Assuming I need to swap out one more part on mine to make it compliant, does anyone have a source for something else I can use? I'm kinda counting on the US made spring in the Nordic +2 kit to count :)

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