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  1. What would the length be on this? Short like the original or long like the new version? I'm not one to be concerned about weight...a couple-or-three of ounces on a relatively heavy gun is of no concern to me. If it's longer, I may be in for a fourth.
  2. I posted in the main thread, but I might as well here also. I received mine today and it's what I was hoping for...completely clears the GG&G pad.
  3. Got mine today...it's perfect. Completely addresses the length issue when using an extended bolt release.
  4. I was half kidding, I'm happy to pay full price for a quality piece from a small manufacturer. Looking forward to it!
  5. He said the new version was going to be extended 1/4"... I'll be in for a third once it's available...I think this one will be perfect. @RxArms any chance of a discount?
  6. I know I already have two of them, but I'd be interested in a longer cerakoted version. My only quibble was it was a bit too short to clear my GG&G bolt release...I think a slightly longer one wound be the bee's knees.
  7. Just got my black handle, looks much better!
  8. Here are some pics of the clearances for the raw titanium version. There is plenty of room and the cerakote shouldn't add any measurable difference to these. Bolt closed, it's about even with the GG&G bolt release. Bolt open, it's got plenty of room as well. @StrangerDanger is likely correct, the other guy inserted the FFT bolt past the detent...I had that bolt too and didn't experience that issue. I'm no shill for this bolt/manuf, but until (if) CC comes re-releases theirs, this one is staying on.
  9. Awesome...just picked up a second to replace the raw titanium one
  10. I received mine today, it's great! I do have a couple of points: - Having this on my gun now, I, too, would like a black/parkerized/cerekote version. The titanium is nice, but I do like to have my purse match my shoes. I'm in for another one if black becomes a reality. - It would be great if the actual handle was just a just a tad longer. I have the GG&G bolt release on mine since it is pretty wide and right under the charging handle, I only have 5/8" of handle to grab. Not a deal breaker and definitely an outlier use case, if you don't have the GG&G it's a perfect length.
  11. I can't speak to that particular product but I ordered a M600DF on 11/13. It shipped on 11/18 and I received it 11/20, so they're alive...
  12. Does anyone have one they'd like to get rid of at a reasonable price?
  13. Posting pics... https://imgur.com/a/7vzJZdn
  14. I would consider it New because I've never had it outside of the house. It's on the gun right now but it's never been fired while it's been on there. I picked it up NIB from a small gun shop last year, I still have the packaging and rail covers. I can post pics if anyone is seriously interested. Let's get a bidding war started!
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