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  1. I can't speak to that particular product but I ordered a M600DF on 11/13. It shipped on 11/18 and I received it 11/20, so they're alive...
  2. Does anyone have one they'd like to get rid of at a reasonable price?
  3. Posting pics... https://imgur.com/a/7vzJZdn
  4. I would consider it New because I've never had it outside of the house. It's on the gun right now but it's never been fired while it's been on there. I picked it up NIB from a small gun shop last year, I still have the packaging and rail covers. I can post pics if anyone is seriously interested. Let's get a bidding war started!
  5. Looking for a couple sections of these. They came with the M80 M4 forend (and were also sold separately) but are now discontinued as well, so I was hoping some of you Surefire forend equipped guys may have a couple laying around you're not using.
  6. So after some years I finally picked up an M4. I haven't kept up with the aftermarket in the interim since 2012, but does anyone have any idea why so many of the nicer/'cool' aftermarket parts are no longer available? - Geissele Hammer - Surefire M80 Foreend - ATI Raven furniture (not that I'd want this, just an example) - ATI flat mag cap - Carrier Comp charging handles (I get it, focused on the mag tubes) It seems like the only company still making M4 parts are FFT and GG&G. With the kind of backlog that Carier Comp has for mag tubes, there clearly seems to still be a
  7. No real need for my Supernova Collapsible stock, was wondering what the market was bearing these days for this item. As far as I know they're still pretty hard to get...
  8. And you should at least keep shells in the magazine, even if you don't have one in the chamber. That's just that much longer you have to wait and more steps you have to perform under stress should you actually need it.
  9. I'm planning on replacing my stock recoil pad with a Limbsaver. Does anyone have any idea what size/type screw is behind those tiny holes in the stock recoil pad (it's a SNT collapsible, but I assume they're all the same)? Feels like a philips but I don't want to strip it out trying to unscrew it and would rather have the correct size. Thanks in advance!
  10. I have a new comfortech non-pg stock, never been fired or seen the outside of the house. How about that + $50 shipped? Message me and lemme know.
  11. Mine just has the red laser. The sling is just a Blackhawk two point sling and GrovTec 1-1/4" swivels. Sling: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/133312/blackhawk-universal-tactical-sling-ar-15-nylon-black Swivels: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/185521/grovtec-mil-force-locking-sling-swivels-1-1-4-steel-black-1-pair
  12. I'm using a Streamlight TLR-2S with a coiled remote mounted on a Nordic barrel clamp/pic rail. Solid as a rock:
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